Incredible chicken : chicken delicious recipes in the bank

With proper use, the conventional banks can be a great vessel for roasting meat, vegetables and potatoes in the oven.Today's recipes for chicken in a glass jar is opened cook broad imagination in choosing ingredients, but require the accuracy in terms of working with the most capacity.

Chicken with potatoes in the pot - a step by step recipe photos

This dish seems primitive according to a recipe, but it is quite striking on the end result.Potatoes baked in a jar with a bird, is impregnated with a terrific broth and chicken meat becomes juicy and tender.

Important!Before cooking the chicken in the pot in its own juice, should be familiar with the main rules:
  • jar should be completely whole - without cracks and chips
  • during cooking container can not fill to the brim
  • optimum temperature for baking in the bank -180C.Below - can be higher - no!
  • while cooking the chicken in the oven to add water or vegetable oil do not need to put
  • bank only in a cold oven and then turn on heating.Remove the
    dish is on the same principle.

Necessary ingredients:

  • chicken thighs - 3 pieces.
  • Potatoes - 5-6 pcs.
  • onion - 100g.
  • carrots - 70 g.
  • mixture pepper
  • barberry
  • salt to taste

Step by Step

  1. Chicken thighs rinse under running water, rub with salt and pepper.Leave the meat for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

  2. vegetables and wash clean.Potatoes cut into slices, carrots - circles, onion - diced.

  3. in three separate clean jar lay on the bottom layers of vegetables, then the chicken thighs.On top pour a little salt, pepper and barberry.Each individual container - one serving.Do not forget that the container to fill the brim prohibited.

  4. in a cold oven, set on a baking all portions in banks, cover them with foil.Turn the heating on 180C and forget about the hen 1.5 hours.Remove the jars when the fire will be extinguished, and the temperature is a bit cooler.

Chicken with vegetables in the bank - a step by step recipe

Bake chicken in a pot with vegetables - the old method of cooking poultry, proven over the years.Before my grandmother and mother fed us such goodies is now our turn to surprise and pamper family tasty and wholesome food.

Necessary ingredients:

  • chicken drumsticks - 1 kg
  • onions - 2 pcs.
  • red sweet pepper - 4 pcs.
  • carrots - 2 pcs.
  • meaty tomato - 3 pieces.
  • bay leaf - 3 pieces.
  • mixture pepper
  • coarse salt
  • greens
  • seasoning for chicken

Step by Step

  1. Shins - the perfect choice for a chicken recipe bank.They give a sufficient amount of juice and well placed in the container.Meat is necessary to wash, rub with salt and spices.
  2. Carrot and tomato dice.Onions and bell pepper - half rings.Greens finely chop.
  3. a clean three-liter jar Put half of the meat, and then the vegetables and herbs.Repeat the process until the last ingredients.At the request can dosolit entire composition.
  4. Simmer the chicken in the oven with vegetables at least 2 hours, covering the neck of the pre-packaging foil 2 addition.Remove the container with the food after the temperature in the oven.

Chicken in own juice in a glass jar - a step by step recipe

fry or bake the chicken in the pan - is simple enough!It is much more difficult to file a delicious, aromatic and, most importantly, dietary bird without harming the body and gentle figure.We encourage you to cook a chicken in the oven in a glass jar in their own juice.The formulation without a single gram of plant fat will appreciate all the fans of a healthy diet.

Necessary ingredients:

  • chicken breast - 450g.
  • red salt, black pepper
  • seasoning for chicken

Step by Step

  1. Rinse chicken breasts and pat with paper towels.Cut the flesh into cubes in a 3x3 cm and marinate with salt and spices.

  2. into clean jars lay white meat, no filling capacity up to the top.

  3. Tightly cover the container with foil and place in a cold oven.Set the temperature at around 170c and wait 1-1.5 hours.Aromatic tender chicken Serve with fresh vegetables or boiled rice.