4 elements and their zodiac signs

4 elements and their zodiac signs.

element of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

for people who belong to the fire element are characterized by the following features: quick temper, irritability, mental alertness, intelligence.They are passionate by nature and by any spark could erupt into flames of fire.People are impatient fire element, not like a long explanation of the relationship.They are impulsive.Their big advantage - the ability to grasp everything on the fly.They have developed an excellent memory and imagination.

Such people will never repent of mistakes.They are confident and self-righteous.The blood of the people element of fire is hot, so this type of people most sensual and sexy.

their explosive temperament, they are often unstable psyche.They are full of vitality and energy, it draws people to them.People fire element life consists of black and white stripes.White stripes bring them great happiness and rough, black stripes deliver a lot of failures, one after another.

fire sign of the zodiac should choose life partners of "Fire" or "air", as the air support combustion.Water can extinguish even the raging fire, evaporate or herself.Fire and earth can coexist, but the land may at any time to cool the fire, just as fire can burn the land, if it does not please him.

Pros people fire element: confidence, dynamism, optimistic view of the world, courage, attraction, activity, restlessness, energy.

Cons human element of fire: impatience, team spirit, superficiality, stubbornness, impetuosity, fickleness.People fire

best place to live in a spacious apartment.For good health it is to spend more time outdoors.

Talisman people fire element - Salamander (this is the spirit that lives in the fire), which will bring more luck.

Element Air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini).

People belonging to the element of air smart, alive, sociable, nice.People are able to get on the air with everyone.They are well written and present their ideas.

People do not like rapid air displays of emotion, they hold a lot inside.Because of this, they seem cold and unfeeling.People constantly building air castles and plans, their overflow pipe dreams and desires.Signs like air philosophize, to speculate.

Mate air sign of the zodiac is best to choose from a fire or from the air.You can choose a watermark and if the water is not afraid of the wind, or earth sign, if she does not get tired of the wind.

Pros human element of air: objectivity, thoughtfulness, willingness to help, collectivism, sociability, prudence.

Cons human element of air: arrogance, hypocrisy, loquacity, cold, calculating, self-will.

air sign to live in a ventilated room, spend more time outdoors.Desk is better to place the window.

Talisman overhead signs spirit Sylph field that protects them.

Elements of water (Cancer, Scorpio, fish).

personality traits characteristic of the water signs of the zodiac: emotionality, changeability, sensitivity.These signs are easy to adapt to any conditions of life.They know a lot, like to think about life.They subtly feel the mood of the people around them.Water signs are experiencing acute insults inflicted on them, they have a very changeable mood.People water signs are prone to empathy, they may have developed psychic abilities.

watermark should choose a life partner of the signs of water or land.Earth acts a container for water.Water is incompatible with the fire, but can live with the air, taking the clouds and fog.

Pros people element of water: communicative, attraction, idealism, patience, insight.

Cons people element of water: changeability, irritability, lack of character, pessimism, laziness.

water signs of the zodiac to live near the water or have a home aquarium or fountain.Workspace must be cool.People water elements to avoid noisy gatherings, evil people.

Talisman people of the water element - a mermaid.

earth element (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo).

People who belong to the earth element is closely associated with it.They are characterized by qualities such as practical, real world view, simplicity.They live in the real world and understand only what they know, see and hear.Such people do not build useless plans.Earth people are proud and independent, they never flaunt their inner world.

Mate man earth element better to choose from the land or water.Earth needs water, otherwise it will turn into a desert.Earth can take the fire with its fun, can take the air, if you're willing to frequent storms and winds.

Pros people earth element reliability, self-reliance, perseverance, hard work.

Cons people earth element: the monotony, avarice, pessimism, cruelty, callousness.

Users elements of earth to live on the land, it is advisable to have your site to contact the ground.These people need a quiet work.

Talisman earthly signs of the zodiac: the dwarf, who can live like in the garden, and in the flower pot.

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