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Protein in the diet of slimming products - recommendations nutritionist

From the article, you'll learn:
  • about the benefits of protein for human rights;
  • what would happen if we exclude the protein products of the food, or, conversely, to overload the protein diet;
  • how to calculate the rate of protein by weight;
  • which products are the best protein (table);
  • essential products for protein diet;
  • approximate menu for slimming.

How useful protein?

Protein - the main building material for the body.This small-molecule blocks which participate in the construction of cells and DNA, activate the production of enzymes responsible for the elasticity of the skin (collagen), kill bacteria and toxins are transferred through the body of oxygen (hemoglobin) and cleaved to the essential amino acids.And this is just a small list of what the protein useful to humans.

Athletes Protein helps in building muscle, losing weight ensures a long process of digestion, which uses more energy.On the assimilation of chicken body consumes 10-12% of the energy on the cake is only 5%.

The dangerous nenormirovannyj protein intake for humans?

How long the shortage and oversupply of protein in the body is bad for human health.


  • loss of elasticity of the skin (cellulite, stretch marks, looseness)
  • slowdown muscle atrophy (hard limit for protein will lead to shrinkage of muscles, a prime example - anoreksiki);
  • brittle nails, hair loss;
  • deterioration of vascular tone, valve and muscular system of the heart.


  • intoxication (poisoning), liver and kidney decay products of protein;
  • stomach problems;
  • Fatty liver (steatosis);
  • Heart problems.

C protein is better not to joke: Do not reduce or increase the daily rate at its sole discretion.

How to calculate the daily rate of protein by weight?

Calculation of daily requirement of protein is very simple.

to sedentary lifestyles - 1 g protein per 1 kg of body weight;

For inactive - 1.5 g protein per 1 kg of body weight;

for an active lifestyle and want to gain weight - 2-2.5 g protein per 1 kg of body weight.

But this protein products should not be more than 15-20% of the total daily diet.

in 1 gram of protein contains 4 calories.To calculate calorie protein products, multiply the amount of protein (grams) at 4.

How to count calories to lose weight, read here.

list of protein foods

These leaders meat protein foods - chicken, veal and turkey meat.Following are seafood, fish and eggs.Without them, the daily diet of healthy food can not be imagined.You can not drink milk, do not eat cheese, but there are 150 grams of meat or fish - providers of essential amino acids - are simply obliged.

Grains and nuts also a source of protein, but they are protein-carbohydrate foods.The content of amino acids in a fraction of them.Combine the animal and vegetable protein in a ratio of 60/40%, while the most satisfied with the body with useful substances.

way, pasta with an index above 11 g protein per 100 g equated to vegetable protein.Feel free to buy.

What foods have on the protein diet in the evening?Low-fat dairy products and a handful of fruit - an excellent late dinner.

Protein foods for weight loss, tables

For lunch eat foods with high protein content of 12-15 g, for dinner from 10 to 15 grams of protein and a late snack from 5 to 10 grams of protein.

to your diet was varied and useful, we offer a list of "100 protein foods for the diet of Dyukanu."

The following tables show the contents of protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as a hundred calorie dairy and meat products.

This table summarizes the top 12 products with vegetable protein.

Product Name Proteins g Fats g Carbohydrates g Energy value per 100 g kcal
Wheat 11 1,2 68,5 329
Oatmeal 12,3 6,1 60 342
Figure 7 1 74 333
Buckwheat 12,6 3,3 57,1 308
White beans 7.0 0,50 16,90 102
Lentils 24 1,5 46 295
Walnuts 16,2 61 11,1 656
Peanuts 26,3 45 45 690
Rye 10,7 2 56 276
Corn 8,3 1,2 7,5 74
Peas 23 1,6 58 648
Soy 35 17,3 26,5 402

menu for the day for a healthy diet

Let's find out what products and in what amounts are included in the protein food with proper nutrition.The menu is based 1200-1300 kcal per day.


  • porridge on milk + 1/3 banana - 150 grams;
  • curd raisins + 1% + 1 tspfiber - 150 grams;
  • apple-oat pancakes with honey - 3-4 pieces.

Snack: fruit or vegetable salad

Lunch (portions of 100 grams)

  • buckwheat chicken leg + + steamed sauerkraut;
  • barley / rice soup on the low-fat broth + toast of black bread;
  • vegetable stew without potatoes + chicken in garlic sauce (150-200 r) + a slice of black bread.

Snack : fruit or vegetable salad

Dinner: (portions of 100 grams)

  • lean fish steamed, stuffed with vegetables;
  • vegetable casserole diet;
  • cottage cheese with sour cream 15% and dried apricots.

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