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Healthy eating for weight loss menus, tips and rules

Healthy diet - what is it?

Proper nutrition - a balanced daily diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.The number of calories the body provides full functionality and blocks weight gain.Subject to proper nutrition regime restored intestinal microflora, accelerate metabolism, normalizes water-salt metabolism, is an active splitting excess fat.

12 of the rules of healthy eating - eating and losing weight

difference between a healthy diet of low-calorie diets that you eat 5-6 times a day (!) And enjoy the food.Weight out and the body regenerates.A healthy diet - not a boring list of prohibitions, and the list of actions, which is essential to weight loss and recovery.

  1. Breakfast - overriding meal.There is a hearty breakfast - no beautiful figure.Yes, girls, this has been repeatedly proven by nutritionists.Do not eat in the morning, you are "ruining" the digestive system.Result: weakness, zhor to 10 hours, a terrible mood, a double burden on the digestive tract organs afternoon.
  2. NO hunger strikes!We
    eat 5-6 times a day, and only useful products.A full breakfast, lunch and dinner + 2-3 snacks of fruit / vegetables / smoothies.
  3. got up, brushed his teeth, drink a glass of warm water with 1 tsphoney and lemon slice.So we are launching the stomach into the stage "ready to have breakfast!".After 15 minutes, we eat.
  4. Drink at least 1.5 liters of fresh water each day.Juices, teas, mineral water are not considered.
  5. 15 minutes before a hearty meal, drink 200 ml of water, but it is impossible to wash down the food.After 20-30 minutes, take a green tea with lemon and then water again.
  6. Oh, hateful 18:00.Diets say that eating after 6 can not.A healthy diet for weight loss and enables burst after 20:00, but only jelly and for 2-3 hours before bedtime.The main thing is not to go beyond the daily norm BZHU (what it is, see below).
  7. Setting up an audit of the refrigerator: sausage, mayonnaise, ketchup, sausages and smoked - in the trash.We fill shelves with vegetables, chicken, fruit and yogurt.
  8. ready only for a couple or multivarka!Kitchen helpers retain all the nutrients in the dish.About fried potatoes, pies and belyashi forget.
  9. Start a food diary.This notebook with painted menu of healthy eating for a week.So you will not fail.
  10. Eat sweet (even pirozhnki and cakes) once a week in the morning.But only in moderate doses.Ate pound cake in one sitting - back fat on the abdomen.
  11. not drink coffee.Harmful to the stomach, heart and teeth.
  12. arrange fasting days on apples and yogurt.

Why can not I eat differently?Healthy, delicious and healthy diet does not exist.Healthy eating - a great mood, energy and beautiful figure.

consider calorie and BZHU

BZHU - an abbreviation of the protein, fat, carbohydrates.Ration useful diet is based on the individual counting of the daily requirement BZHU.That is, we calculate how much the body spends energy (calories) per day for normal operation.To lose weight, subtract 200-300 calories on the result.To keep the weight - no change, type - and add the calorie and physical.load.

By Harris-Benedict formula

Women: 655 + (9.6 * weight) + (1.8 * Height) - (4.7 * age) = GLD - overall metabolism (kcal).

Now GLD is multiplied by a factor of physical activity:

  • sedentary lifestyle - 1, 2;
  • Sport activities 1-3 times per week - 1, 3;
  • Training 4-5 times a week - 1, 5;
  • Professional athletes - 1, 8.

turns: 655 + (9.6 * 45) + (1.8 * 158.5) - (4.7 * 21) = 655 + 432 + 285,3 - 98.7 = 1273.6 kcal / day.1237.6 * 1.3 = 1655.68 kcal / day.

And now calculate the daily rate of a healthy diet to reduce weight by BZHU.

  • Protein:
    • inactive for 1-1.5 g per 1 kg of body weight;
    • for active and set weight 1.8-2.5 g per 1 kg of body weight.
  • Fat: 1 g per 1 kg of body weight;
  • Carbohydrates: 5 g per 1 kg of body weight.

1 gram contains kcal:

  • protein - 4 calories;
  • fats - 9 kcal;
  • carbohydrates - 4 kcal.

believe (conditional weight 45 kg):

  • B (1.5 * 45 * 4) = 270 kcal;
  • F (1 * 45 * 9) = 405 kcal;
  • V (5 * 45 * 4) = 900 kcal.

Total 1575 kcal.

To lose weight, reduce the amount of carbohydrates to 4-3 g per day.Build muscle - Increase proteins.Changing the diet gradually, no more than 10% of the amount.

tasty menu of healthy eating for the day

offers several types of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, from which you easily will form a weekly meal plan.

8:00 Breakfast

  1. Oatmeal with milk 0% raisins + / + 1 tsp dried apricotsfiber.
  2. millet porridge with milk + 1.5% + 1 tsp dried apricotshoney.
  3. two boiled eggs + toast of black bread + vegetable salad (dressing: olive oil + black pepper).
  4. Curd with apricot / raisins / banana + 1 tsp+ sour cream bread

10:00 Snack №1

  1. Smoothies from Apple + Carrot + cinnamon
  2. Juicy sour-sweet apple + a glass of buttermilk;
  3. fresh fruit (except bananas and grapes);
  4. Dried walnuts + + Kefir.

13:00 Lunch

  1. pistou + chicken leg for a couple;
  2. Low-fat soup with 150 grams of meat + rye bread;
  3. Buckwheat + stuffed chicken breast (mushrooms, tomato, cheese);
  4. Baked potatoes (2-3 pieces) with cream, herbs and mushrooms + vegetable salad.

16:00 Snack №2

  1. Smoothies from Cinnamon + Apple + Carrot
  2. Juicy sour-sweet apple + a glass of buttermilk;
  3. fresh fruit (except bananas and grapes);
  4. Dried walnuts + + Kefir.

19:00 Dinner

  1. fish with vegetables, baked in the oven;
  2. Red beans or soy with vegetable salad + 70 g of chicken meat;
  3. Wild rice with mushroom + vegetables;
  4. Fish cutlets with steamed buckwheat.

healthy slimming products - low purchase

Eat right - does not mean expensive."I can not buy a chicken, no money for fruit, and fish all at exorbitant prices," - it excuses that do not match reality.Calculate how much is spent on fast food, sausage, cheese, potatoes, butter and other muck month.And calculate the amount of food that eat at a time.

Proper nutrition means portions of 75-150 grams of a product and fruit snacks 1-2.This is not just useful, but sparingly.

We have compiled a list of healthy foods that are not hit by the thickness of the purse.

Foods high in protein:

  • animal origin: poultry, lean pork, eggs, fish, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, yogurt;
  • plant: soy, nuts, oatmeal, semolina, pasta (hard varieties of cereals), wheat, rice, mushrooms, pearl barley.

products with unsaturated fats : vegetable, olive, flaxseed, pumpkin seed oil.Olives, sunflower seeds, nuts.To provide the body fat, drink the morning of 1 tspoil after a glass of water.

Useful carbohydrates : fruits, vegetables, lentils, soybeans.Raisins, bananas, carrots, beets - to eat in small quantities.For carbohydrate snacks are ideal: apples, pickled cabbage, citrus fruits, kiwi, cherries, plums, pears, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, pomegranate.

useful "gadgets" to calculate the caloric

prescribe calorie foods, count every gram of each snack / dinner 7 days a week!Awful, is not it?Down panic, digital development have not disregarded a healthy diet and have created awesome app to count calories, you can install on your gadget:

  • Calorie Counter by FatSecret;
  • Calorie Calculator by Yauheni Bulat;
  • MyNetDiary Calorie Counter PRO;
  • product composition by Sergey Nesterov;
  • Calorie products from Nebulus.

We hope you have no questions, how to eat right!

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