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Yet Putin and Kabaeva married or not? ..

Life Putin and Kabaeva

Lyudmila Putina for many years living separately from her husband in his personal home for $ 1.5 million.

After publishing the article went rumors that Putin had secretly divorced his wife, and that their passports have the stamp of the official end of the marriage.Locked life Lyudmila Putina "confirms" the rumor.There was even talk that after the divorce, she became a nun.A New York Post wrote that Lyudmila Putina for many years living separately from her husband in his personal home for $ 1.5 million.Rumors were supported by the fact that the first lady was not present at the inauguration of Putin's second presidential term.Russian President rumors of divorce actively denied.But the press almost daily fed the people with new and new sensations.Even called the approximate date of the wedding of Putin and Kabaeva - June 15, 2008.

Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Putin

Wedding Putin and Kabaeva

Putin said in an article of the Moscow correspondent, "not a single word of truth."On the day of application for the amazing coincidence CEO Publishing announced

termination of the newspaper.The news stirred up social networks, no one believed that it was a coincidence.

Total son Putin and Kabaeva

In 2009, the Internet started saying that Putin Alina allegedly bore a son, and he was named Dimitri - in honor of then-President Dmitry Medvedev.Boy extraordinarily like his famous father, as evidenced by photos uploaded bloggers where Kabaeva holding the boy in her arms.News published a New York Post, it said that Kabaeva gave birth to a son in Moscow.The very same gymnast actively denied this, claiming that the boy in the photo, which all take for her son, in fact, her nephew, later Alina said that this son of her friend.Since then, rumors car, rushing from the mountain, there was no stopping.

Total son Putin and Kabaeva

How many children have "unknown" character?

In 2012, Putin won again in the legendary publication section Page six (Rumors) in the New York Post.The article dealt with the fact that Alina Kabaeva gave birth to a baby President of Russia, about which gender is unknown.It was said that Putin moved Kabaeva and two children together in his summer residence in Sochi."But so far not a single proof of the move, nor even the fact that Alina generally someone giving birth," at the same time wrote Plitkar.

Kabaeva is the third time gave birth to the Holy Spirit, which is the eighth day, they can not find

In March 2015, the first edition of the Swiss Blick reported that Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva gave birth to a girl in the village of Sorengo in the famous clinic of St. Helena.At this time, Putin has just disappeared out of sight of the media, the Internet community it has lost.President died, as discussed in social networks, and probably present at birth Kabaeva.

Alina Kabaeva gave birth to a son from Putin

The Internet has become a walking joke: Kabaeva is the third time gave birth to the Holy Spirit, which is the eighth day, they can not find;or - by a firm handshake Vladimir Alina Kabaeva gave birth for the third time.

edition Corriere del Ticino reported that for Alina in the clinic prepared three rooms - one for the birth, the second - for the family, and the third - for protection.It was also reported that the Medical Corps during the stay there Kabaeva heavily guarded.The Kremlin has said it will only comment on official reports.

Putin bachelor?Or not ...

In 2013, Vladimir Putin has officially divorced his wife, Lyudmila.And the media again rapidly began to discuss his affair with Kabaeva.2014 Olympics in Sochi brought new rumors.During the opening of the finger gymnastics paparazzi photographed a wedding ring.Kabaeva is no comment.And maybe everyone would have forgotten this incident, if not one "but" ....February 13 at the height of the Olympics, Putin comes with a wedding ring on a meeting with the Minister of Defence of Egypt.Amazing coincidence!

Wedding ring Alina Kabaeva

Wedding ring with Vladimir Putin

Wedding Planner

«I am told that Putin Kabaeva crowned today in the Iberian monastery.All Valdai cordoned off "- in the early morning wrote a post on his Twitter September 21, 2013 Ahilgov Kala, a lawyer from Ingushetia.This entry has collected more than a thousand repost.And day Internet is full of rumors that Putin was married with Kabaeva.

Putin and Kabaeva married

Rumors about the wedding of Putin and Kabaeva in the evening the same day, said presidential press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, calling them nothing more than "Saturday exercise boredom", and advised not to go into the personal life of the president.He also noted that the head of state at the time, no privacy at all.But that did not calm the online community, people on the public asked for a different way one question: since Vladimir Putin was married or not?

Putin and Kabaeva married again?

in 2015 there was a record on Twitter: "27 April Russian President secretly visited the Baals, where married with Kabaeva.The ceremony was held at the Holy Transfiguration Valaam Monastery.The ceremony was attended by close to the President, about 20 people.Among them was Valentina Matvienko and Sergey Naryshkin. "After the wedding, Putin flew by helicopter to Petrozavodsk.It was said that supposedly already have photos from the wedding, but to this day no one has seen.

Life Putin and Kabaeva

Life Putin and Kabaeva

Life Putin and Kabaeva

Still, Putin and Kabaeva were married or not?They have children together or not?Decide for yourself!By the way, Alina denies relationship with Putin, and says that she has no children at all.However, gymnast last appeared in public more than a year ago.And even at the anniversary party of his coach Irina Viner, she never appeared ...

Life Putin and Kabaeva

Life Putin and Kabaeva