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Fashion cocktail dresses for spring-summer 2015: an overview of current models

little history to understand the major trends in cocktail dresses need to understand the main purpose of this attire.Cocktail dress coined the young and women in the North America at the beginning of the last century, in order to stand out from the crowd of guests at parties their original outfits.For the fashionable dances of those years young flirt was uncomfortable dress up in long and heavy dress with a train and a corset.They sought to maximize comfort while dancing and entertainment, and a short dress is perfect for this purpose.It was then cocktail dresses began their meteoric rise up - the era of short dresses, as short as it could allow itself bred lady.So it became fashionable dresses, a little above the knee length, later called "cocktail", in connection with the thrust of the activities for which they dressed.

Basically cocktail dresses were made of shiny materials bright colors and decorated with stones, feathers and fringe.But this non-replaceable companion attire became clutch to match

the dress.Today, you can find a cocktail dress any absolute color and style, and the fashion for these changes almost every season.

most fashionable cocktail dresses spring summer 2015

Despite the fickle fashion, this season the main design cocktail dress has not changed significantly.Designers continue to believe that this kind of dress should surprise and amaze with its brilliance, and, therefore, in the latest spring and summer collections are widely used all sorts of "glamorous things."Especially eminent Cooter taste occurred colored stones and rhinestones, which are more than decorate the cocktail dresses of the leading collections.

Speaking of fashionable styles of cocktail dresses, but this season the first place is given a short dress with a bustier.Many designers have relied in that shaped not only on top of a frank, but also on the lush short skirt.Note that this style cocktail dress can afford only slim and fit ladies.

also be relevant and transparent lace dress, because these tissues are still among the major trends in 2015.

In the spirit of the latest fashion trends and cocktail dresses in retro style, especially the model slim cut, embroidered with sequins, crystals and sequins.But admirers of elegant classics should pay attention to dress saturated dark colors with a short-cut silhouette.In 2015, this classic cocktail dress will also be a trend.