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Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov, married in Sochi

How skater repulsed Peskov his wife

The ex-wife and the family of Dmitry Peskov

ex-wife Catherine Peskov was happily married and is confident that it will elect to keep her fidelity.In 18 years, they vowed to each other to be honest.But it turned out that in spite of such a high position, Dmitry Peskov not averse to flirting with other women.The press began to slip rumors that the president's press secretary often appear on the same events as Tatiana Navka.According to rumors, the secret of their relationship began in 2012.Peskov's wife, Catherine learned about the betrayal and could not forgive her.According to her, Dimitri asked for forgiveness, but Kate was adamant: changed again - even change.She decided that she could not live a lie.

The former wife of Dmitry Peskov Ekaterina

Later, Kate admitted in an interview that he sees himself in the role of a woman who endure everything for the sake of prosperity and the preservation of the family.And even the three children were not able to save the family from divorce.Catherine now lives in France in a luxury apartment with a view o

f the Bois de Boulogne and the Champs Elysées.She confesses that he lives a happy life in the pleasure to be working in the charity fund "Franco-Russian dialogue" and build a new relationship with a mysterious Parisian with Russian roots.

Life Wedding Navka and sand

Society indignant: what could be more common in athletes, who used to be in the company of creative people, and serious public official?It turned out that Dmitry Peskov - not the first "Kremlin groom" Navka.Having won Olympic gold in 2006, she often attended receptions Putin.On one of them blonde twisted romance with Vladimir Kozhin - business manager of the Russian President.Being a married man, Kozhin could not resist the charisma Navka and even gave her a 180-meter luxury apartment overlooking the Kremlin.Kozhin was ready to break up with his wife for a new lover, but Tatiana severed their relationship and aims to Putin's press secretary.

Candid photos of Tatiana Navka

With Peskov Navka introduced common friends.When he presented the figure skater, he said that she had a familiar face and said if she had starred in advertising hair dye.So they began a fateful conversation.Of course, Peskov was hard to resist the sexy blonde, also candid photos Navka for male gloss just flooded the Internet.The news of the pregnancy skater even more stirred up the public, but Navka not say a word about the happy father.Later, it was found that Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov, a secret wedding plans.

Sands Navka and stopped hiding their intimate relationship

Catherine Peskov admitted that after the divorce Dmitri repeatedly offered to resume relations, and even get married for the second time.But pregnant Navka not want to miss the opportunity to marry such a powerful man.The press began to appear more and more common photo Navka sand, but they said nothing about his last communication.

Pregnant Tatiana Navka

child's birth from Navka last August said the singer Love Assumption, which is a friend skater.Tanya She congratulated on the birth of his daughter in his Instagram.

Tatiana Navka and her baby

little later, the press learned that the mysterious father of the child gave the newly-mom luxury car Bentley, worth more than 10 million. Rubles.

Gift Navka car Bentley

a month after childbirth Tatiana Navka returned to the ice as participating in the show "Ice Age."In November last year, she appeared at the opening of the GUM-skating rink on Red Square Dmitry Peskov.A couple tenderly holding on to the handle, willingly posed for photographers and looked very happy.Without any loud statements Sands Navka and made it clear that between them not only friendship.

Life Wedding Navka and sand

But what was the surprise of others, in a time when they saw the finger skater engagement ring!

The ring on the finger of Tatiana Navka

Fuel to the fire poured into Instagram photo of Tatiana, where she appeared surrounded by friends.Under the photo skater placed commented: "How nice to have your favorite girl and hen parties there!" The news stirred the Internet open spaces.No one could understand a couple became engaged or married?But the happy lovers are still not given the press no comment.

Life Wedding Navka and sand

Navka chocolate

When the public became convinced that soon Navka marries Peskov, her every move was seen as under the microscope.Internet users have just walked through indiscreet gifts Peskov his beloved.They remembered the very Bentley, donated during the country's economic problems and the deterioration of the welfare of the Russians.Especially much discussion Photo Navka in Instagram, which boasted bought by French skater products banned in Russia because of the sanctions."So you can live concubine, not a state official's wife!" - Outraged the public.Bloggers Navka dubbed "the young queen," do not hide their love of luxury and expensive gifts.

Life Wedding Navka and sand

at the award ceremony "Golden Eagle" skater appeared arm in arm with Peskov in doroguschy velvet dress and fur coat on the floor.Hands decorated figure skater string of glittering bracelets, earrings and complement the image of a massive pendant.The press called a couple of the most beautiful ceremonies and wondered when the wedding will take place Navka sand.However, lovers in every way evaded questions about his personal life.

Life Wedding Navka and sand

April 13 Tatiana loudly celebrated the anniversary on Pirogov Reservoir.Among the guests were singer Anita Tsoi and Anna Semenovich, designer Valentin Yudashkin, Oleg Mitvol, a politician, actress Alika Smekhova and many others.Birthday girl appeared in front of guests in a fur coat from light sable mink collar.Woman She handed wreaths of flowers, and men - warm coats.Guests were treated to fried lamb patties and moonshine.What gave the beloved Dmitry Peskov - left-overs.Himself spokesman did not lit up on any pictures from the party, apparently, was too busy with the affairs of national importance.

Life Wedding Navka and sand

Sands Navka and marry

In its communication to the press Navka does not go into the details of relations with Peskov: their personal life remains a mystery to most.In a recent interview, Tatiana said that her family always comes first, and no Olympic gold will not make it as happy as it can make the beloved.At the same time, it claims that ignores the stamp in the passport.But recently, sources close to Navka spread the rumor that finally the 40-year-old Navka marries 47-year-old Dmitry Peskov.

Life Wedding Navka and sand

The couple plans to get married in Sochi this summer and build on their wedding many celebrities.It is already known that the figure skater will arrive in Sochi in June.It will play a major role in the play on the ice "Carmen" Ilya Averbuch.The show will take place June 12 at the Palace of winter sports "Iceberg".Perhaps Tatiana will combine rehearsal in the play with the preparations for the wedding ceremony.A lover of luxury certainly zateet magnificent triumph of the envy of her friends and former wife Peskov.Press is already preparing for that long-awaited wedding Navka sand becomes almost the most discussed event this summer.

Life Wedding Navka and sand

Navka itself admits that loves to Sochi and is looking forward to this trip.She plans to take a younger daughter Nadia and spend a lot of time with her.The eldest daughter Tatiana, Alexandra, from marriage to coach skaters Alexander Zhulin, well received newfound dad.She even managed to make friends with his eldest daughter - Elizabeth Pieskowa.Being almost the same age, the girls quickly found a common language than pleased with their parents.

Life Wedding Navka and sand

In interviews Tatiana has often said that he would never be with a man who will not find common language with her daughter."We are so different, but so perfect for each other!" - Says Navka about her lover and father of her second child.So it is necessary to look forward to the moment when the wedding will take place Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov.Bloggers are already making bets on what the eminent designer dress will have a skater and what celebrities will attend the celebration.