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How to help your child choose a profession?

After the choice of profession - is the first and very important step kvzrosloy life, not avoid it smozhetnikakoy graduate.From this vyborazavisit much: not only its bright future, but also the morale and spiritual comfort.

Why young people the choice of their future profession - etotakaya a huge problem?There are several answers to this question.In sovremennommire there is a huge list of specialties, older ones besslednopropali, but there were new, they are not even heard, not only teenagers but andtheir parents!

The new generation does not have the opportunity to meet sosvoeobraziem various professions, such as it was in Soviet times.All this is due to the fact that modern business not allow the intervention, most of the work processes impossible to observe, as they pass on the thinking level.For children, this is not clear, for teens - misty, alumni - a kind of status, however beznapolnennosti inside.

Another important shortcoming of today yavlyaetsyaotsutstvie hobby groups, which are so lo

ved by our parents: razlichnyeradiotehnicheskie mugs, mugs of young photographers and reporters, aircraft modeling and many others.Graduates do not have opportunity to test themselves vponravivshihsya areas, so they can not find an occupation on perfume.Students can understand anything of example only profession sobstvennyhroditeley.But this is very little to make a choice sobstvennoyspetsialnosti.

can endlessly enumerate all sorts of reasons, but gorazdovazhnee highlight possible mistakes that make adolescents when choosing buduscheyspetsialnosti:

  • children can choose the first one, which gets in the eyes, the profession;
  • also some professions they pay attention, because confidence in its solidity;
  • or in company with friends who have already made a choice;
  • they may come from personal sympathy for the people who represent a particular profession;
  • retained the outdated information about a possible specialty;
  • connect together a subject that was taught in the school and the profession itself;
  • can not listen to yourself, do not realize their skills and personal qualities;
  • not attach importance to their physical abilities or deficiencies, which are also important when choosing a specialty;
  • do not know on what basis you need to choose a profession.

How can that be, then?How can we help our children navigate and determining in the choice of future profession?

It is necessary to match the characteristics professiipolnostyu psychological qualities of the child.Education, first and foremost, should interest a teenager.Each profession predpolagaetnalichie professional qualities in man.When choosing a profession need to chetkoponimat, whether teen personal qualities that are needed for this or inoyprofessii.Type of profession must fully comply with personal chertamcheloveka.In order not to miss in choosing a profession, you need to sumetpoznat himself.

This will come to the aid of testing, which is now uspeshnopraktikuyut many universities, these tests are free and sproforientatsiey.They will help to understand the high-school - whether it is the matter is still to look.

This is standard procedure and the standard answer in the end.Izetogo that, for greater precision is necessary to try psihologicheskiepodhody greater complexity.

If your child has not developed a specific interest kchemu ever, and teachers are not instilled a craving for some object, his talents glubokozaryty, the problem of the future profession will deal already parents.Dazhetesty particular difficulty with great difficulty coping with the unconscious talent.

But if your child has been an activist is likely emubudet interesting to try myself everywhere, and there is a chance that he mnogoepoluchitsya.These children are particularly tyazheloopredelyayutsya future profession, the tests are meaningless.

necessary to try a psychological method of learning, kaktrening.Having professional training, the child will be able to get rid otsomneny, training will help in the desperate situation in the most zaputannoysituatsii.The trainer will open the possibility to have a psychological support to the child and will install on the personal rost.Takzhe help build a clear plan of action and guide to achieve dalneyshihrezultatov!

Remember also that you can not be aggressive if the child can not decide on vyboromprofessii as quickly as you would like.You, the parents should not push nanego, yell or punish.So you can only achieve that vashrebenok closes in itself!Be tolerant, help, send, talk.If there is a problem, look for solutions, visit the training iliotpravtes testing.After all, today there is a huge selection of professionals who are ready to come to your aid idat skilled advice.The only way you can help your rebenkustat happy adults.In the future, he will thank you for helping takomvazhnom question for him, as the choice of profession.Remember that mozhetpoluchitsya and so that your rebenoksdelaet wrong choice.Did he ever, and finds what he budetinteresno.But it may be true that it will be too late ... How onbudet regret the lost years!To avoid this, be careful ksvoim children and do not throw it go!