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Summer sumkomaniya: we are learning to knit crochet fashion handbags for summer

  • Yarnart scarlet yarn 100% polyester, 90 g \ 165 m. Consumption of yarn - 180 grams.Color: White
  • Tools: Hook №4, needle, white sewing thread, glue, scissors
  • density knitting motif: 8 cm x 8 cm
  • size bags without handles: 28cm h18sm
  • Additional materials: thick cloth 17cm x 27See

Knitted summer bag hook - step by step instructions

inside of the bag

  1. Take a thick cloth or leatherette and mete out a rectangle measuring 17 cm by 27 cm.

  2. Carefully glue the right, left and bottom of the piece.

Note!The inside of the bag, we are not sewn to the product it easier to wash.In addition, you can make some of the inner frame in different colors, textures, and change their mood or outfit.

main part of the summer handbag hook

in our master class summer handbag hook is connected from the individual squares joined together.For the main part of the finished bags will need 12 square crocheted motifs.

  1. to recruit square motif four air loops and connect them in a ring.Vyvyazyvayut 4 air lift loop
    and knit according to the scheme 1.

  2. then knit the so-called three pillars of bochechku 2 nakida, knit together and continue the circle.

  3. next series begin with 6 stitches.Provyazyvaem loop column without nakida between bochechkami bottom row according to the scheme 1.

  4. next series start with 3 air loops and knit by the scheme before the end of the motif.

  5. tries on the square motives to our base.Similarly, knit 12 square motifs.

reversing part of the summer bag hook

Instead of fasteners in our summer handbag hook is convenient reversible part of the asymmetry that, add the product originality.It will require 3 square and 2 triangular motif.

  1. According to Scheme 1 vyvyazyvayut three square motif, similar to those that will be used for the main body of the bag.Then
  2. scheme knit 2 2 triangular motif.

  3. to start typing four air loops and connect them in a ring.

  4. Recruit 7 stitches to move to the next row and knit according to the scheme 2.

  5. second row start with 4 stitches and provyazyvaem column without nakida bochechkami between the bottom row, and so on until the end of the series.

  6. third row start with 6 stitches and knit according to the scheme 2.

Assembling summer knitting bag

  1. Putting motives of one side of the bag between them.Type in the corner of the square motif 3 air loops and connect with other motives.

  2. then dials 3 air loops and connect to the following motive, and so on until the end.

  3. Similarly strip connecting the following three reasons.

  4. now connects two strips motifs together.

  5. in the same way to connect motives other hand bag.Then we adjust to each other boxes of the motives and join the left, right and bottom of the columns without nakida.

  6. to turn out the product and insert the base.

  7. manner described above combine motifs changeover of the bag.

  8. back of the bag tied with two rows of columns with one nakida.

  9. then joins columns without nakida changeover of the bag with the main part.Bag is almost ready.

strap summer bags, crochet

  1. strap recruit 7 stitches and three air loops rise.

  2. knit first row as follows: 6 bars with one nakida 7 air loops.

    second row start with 3 air lift loop and continue to knit columns with one nakida and so on at the desired height, occasionally trying on to the bag.

    Note!The strap is better to sew across the bottom and the sides of the bag to the bottom of the product is less slack.But if the inner dense base, such as leather, it is possible to sew the straps and at the top edge.
  3. sewed sewing thread the strap of the bag.

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