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Tights, who do not want to shoot

seamless, weightless, the finest

tights from the company Falke, the legendary brand with a century of history, will bring a true delight its owner.Silky, elastic molded, they sit perfectly on a figure, without forming unsightly wrinkles around the waist.Sensation name reflects the content of these tights: a surprisingly gentle, like gossamer, they gently hugs the body, not a single wrinkle without revealing its presence.

Despite the density of only 20 den, they are strong enough, and the special 3D weaving yarns and prevent the formation of high-quality elastane leads.Sensation 20 - the perfect summer model with invisible toe, which can be worn with the finest silk and satin, and no doubt in his own integrity.If not for the wide lace belt that does not roll down and pulls the waist, tights Falke Sensation 20 in a solid form (Color Powder) would not be very visible on the skin.

elegant and seductive

Beautiful stockings should be in every woman's wardrobe.They create a mood, raise self-esteem and

allow to be irresistible.Even if a piece of clothing, this stylish ladies' clothes are invisible to others, the mistress stockings wonderful feeling that she wears something elegant and charming.The girl in stockings changing gait, appear in the eyes sparkle, straightened his shoulders.And if you opt for this purpose, not ordinary and elite model with delicate texture, thin but durable braided as the model Bas prestige up 15 from the Italian brand Oroblu, then the effect will be much stronger.

For office

Even the woman should be a woman.And let surrounded by papers and stationery for business meetings and planning meetings playful and sexy in a suit is irrelevant to the tights are not affected.Classic models from the premium segment will always perfectly fitting ladies' legs, revealing their smooth curves picky views colleagues.Tenderness, softness, durability and excellent quality in one package - that's a brief description of tights mikrotyulya Bombay brand Max Mara.

on a cool autumn and hot summer

Amid luxury goods brand products Philippe Matignon is more than a budget option.However, his excellent qualities so she does not lose.Neat, soft and comfortable, elastic warm tights with high content of cotton Cotton 100 - exactly the model that is useful to every girl rainy and windy autumn.And for the summer will be the perfect choice innovative new seamless tights 8 den density Nudite Solaire 8.

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