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Vacuum massage - a reliable assistant in the fight against cellulite

Cabin vacuum massage cellulite

essence salon treatments is the use of a special device that can not only adjust the power and the power vacuum, but also perfectly adjusted to the specific skin type of the client.It acts on the principle of this device is a vacuum cleaner, ie, pulls the skin in itself and allows you to direct the nozzle in the desired direction.In addition, an experienced beautician able to influence not only on the skin, but also to the special point that activate oxygen metabolism in tissue, thereby accelerating the process of destruction of cellulite.

Cabin vacuum massage cellulite

The average duration of the vacuum massage is about an hour.With regular implementation of these sessions twice a week, cellulite able to leave after a month-dva.Protivopokazaniyami to this procedure are: thrombosis, kidney stones, skin diseases (herpes, eczema, allergic rashes), benign and malignant tumors, varicose veins and problems with blood vessels.

cellulite massage using cans at home

Since not all women have the opport

unity to attend cosmetology, there is an excellent alternative to vacuum massage salon.The principle of this method is that the skin is not affected by a special device, and simple medical jars (the best fit silicone or rubber tank).

Massage cellulite using cans at home

So, before starting massage with jars, recommends to start to prepare those problem areas that you want to process.This requires either a cream or massage oil.Take a small amount and start rubbing agent in the place where you have cellulite.With these rubbing you activate blood circulation, which is necessary for the positive effect of vacuum massage.

Once the training is over, proceed to consolidation cans.Worth is not much to squeeze out of them air as excessive intake can lead to bruising and tearing of small blood vessels.Movement should be active in different directions.To carry out these manipulations need to, as long as the skin does not acquire a crimson tint that would indicate the penetration of the blood to the subcutaneous fat, that is cellulite.

The results from cellulite vacuum massage.

essentially vacuum massage is practically the same performance from the hardware in the cabin.Therefore, you can safely carry out this procedure without leaving your home, saving a certain amount.Have fun and be the most beautiful!

Visually about this massage, see in this video: