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Fashion Openwork Knit female summer hat spokes

Usually, summer hats crochet, but we have prepared for you the original model, knit.It is characterized by simplicity of execution, so learn a summer hat spokes can even novice needlewoman.In addition, the beautiful pattern and interesting color scheme make this model a trendy and stylish summer accessory.

  • Yarn: Alizeforeversimli 60, 4% metallic, 96% acrylic, 50 g / 280 m. Color: Blue.Consumption of yarn: '30
  • CRYSTAL Yarn 100% acrylic;50 g / 275 m. Color: aqua.Consumption of yarn: '30
  • tools: needles №3 (circular), the hook №2
  • density basic knit: 2 sts 1 cm
  • size cap: 55-56 cm.

Women's summer hat needles -step by step instructions

offer in our master class female model knitted hats turn the two patterns.For a summer hat needles were used: the flagellum in the 1 st and openwork crochet.

main part

  1. Since the basic knit rapport is 16 loops, and the number of required repeats 6, you should dial 98 loops, including the boundary.
  2. Knitting eraser 2 persons.PHI 2.Loop - 6 rows.Then provyaz
    yvaem one row purl loops to the front side of all the loops were facial.

  3. rapport Knit the first 2 PHI., 2 persons.loop.Remove the first loop, not on the right needle provyazyvaya, provyazyvaem face second loop and shot her to weed out the loop.The removed loop spreads to left needle and provyazyvaem front.Then knit 2 PHI.- It will only flagellum.

  4. continue rapport: 2 knit facial loops, the second in a row in the first loop of stretch - the spoke instead of two loops will be only one.Just lace band will be five loops.

  5. link one rapport, move on with lurex thread.Total each color knit 4 rapport.

Note!The order of the Proposed repeats is an example.Depending on your taste preferences and fashion trends, you can associate a single color, or product, on the contrary, every rapport knit in different colors.

upper part

  1. gradually reduces the volume of product, subtracting loop in the open ranks.The strip with the flagellum knit the same as at the beginning of breeding.

    Attention!It is desirable that the top cap was linked acrylic yarn, because it is softer and better air permeability.To do this, you need to gradually diminish the number of repeats associated with lurex thread.
  2. When the spokes will only loop flagellum and one openwork loop can finish knitting.To this end, a series of facial loops provyazyvaem, then breaks and weed out the main thread it into the remaining sts.

  3. pull together and fasten thread.Crocheted hats bind the parties on the wrong side of the bars without nakida.Original Women's hats for the summer - ready!

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