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Bath in the fight against cellulite

There are several ways to use bath borbys cellulite.The easiest way - this alternation of high and nizkihtemperatur without additional aids and massage.Pritakom method, the first entry in parilkuyavlyaetsya preparatory and lasts for 4-5 minutes, until the first intensivnogopotootdeleniya.Then follows the stage of relaxing in the waiting room for 5-10 minutes.Dlyadostizheniya best anti-cellulite effects takieneprodolzhitelnye be repeated visits to the steam room followed by rest in a cool place

esche3-4 times.As a result of these procedures, accelerate blood circulation, proiskhoditaktivnoe splitting of fat and its excretion through sweat and tsellyulitznachitelno reduced.

Bath cellulite will be much more effective if sovmestitpohod the steam room with massage and body wraps.Driving a cellulite banivesma simple: the first time we go in the steam room for 4-5 minutes, during etogovremeni body is warmed and prepared for further kosmeticheskimprotseduram.Then exit the steam room and rest in a cool place for 5-10 minutes.For the second time coming vparilku, pound body massage brush in a circular motion in the direction of snizuvverh.

During the time spent in the bath, the pores have time to open up and go shlakinachali with sweat.To enhance this effect, as well as clean up pollution can help the pores otvseh based salt scrub and honey.In order to prepare a scrub, take 2 tablespoons of salt (be careful not to salt particles bylislishkom large, otherwise they can hurt scratch the skin) and mix with a spoon of liquid 2stolovymi not candied honey.To enhance antitsellyulitnogoeffekta add 3 drops of essential oil of lemon, orange or mandarin, vsetschatelno mix.Apply the scrub in a circular problem areas dvizheniyamii massage for a few minutes.Then, wrapped in a sheet and posiditev steam room for 5 minutes.After this time, exit the steam room and scrub nesmyvaya, rest in a cool place for 10 minutes.

Now the skin is cleaned and ready to absorb the active substances, it is the perfect time for coffee packs.Apply on problem uchastkikofeynuyu thick, wrap film and leave for 15 minutes.Then rinse teployvodoy.Apply to the skin nourishing cream or olive oil.

As a result of combining the baths, massages, scrubs and wraps tsellyulitischezaet much faster, the skin is tightened, it becomes smooth and elastic.

bath To make your best tool in the fight stsellyulitom enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • before visiting the baths should abandon oily and junk food.It is recommended to restrict a light snack, such as a salad or yogurt, no later than 2 hours before the visit to the bath.Do not neglect this rule, as under the influence of high temperature accelerates the absorption of toxins into the bloodstream from the intestine;
  • Prepare an infusion of herbs at home and take it with you in a thermos.After the bath procedures use this infusion helps to speed up metabolism and the body's metabolism, causing burns faster subcutaneous fat and cellulite is reduced;
  • before entering the steam room, take a warm shower;
  • remember some contraindications to visit the bath, for example, diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • not expect instant results, in order to achieve a visible effect, you must visit the sauna 1-2 times a week regularly for several months.

Bath is an additional means to fight stsellyulitom to completely get rid of cellulite needs kompleksnyypodhod including proper nutrition, exercise, massage Usages cosmetics.

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