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Openwork miracle year learning to knit baby cap needles

  • yarn Alize Java Cotton (45% cotton, 42% acrylic, 13% polyamide, 50 g / 300 m) color: green.Consumption: 25 g
  • density basic knitting: horizontal 2.3 p. 1 cm.
  • Tools: spokes №2,5, hook assembly
  • Size: 46-48

RemovalMerauke and calculation loops children's summer hats

Before knitting caps should be removed 2 measurements: measure the circumference of the baby's head and the distance from the ear to the top.Then follows a small sample pattern tie and his example to calculate the number of loops.In this case, children's summer hat spoke made a pattern of "wave" and one of her rapport is 3.5 cm. It turns out that the head circumference of 46 cm, we need 13 such repeats, that is, 107 p. (13 × 8 + 2 chrome.+1 p.).

Important!Knitting children's summer hats has one feature: inlaid edge should not be tight, as the product will press and rub the baby's head.So try to knit tight, but not too tightly.

Summer children's knitting cap - step by step guide

Headband baby hats

  1. Knitting hats spokes s
    ummer child to begin with strips of 6 rows in garter stitch.It does not give the product the edge curl and will serve as the rim.

    Attention!The size of the strips must fit head circumference.Otherwise, summer hat, knitting is started from the free rim too will fall on the eyes and then have her bandage.
  2. Since the 7 series go on knitting pattern "wave".With the 3 p. With a permutation, you must first reverse the 1st and 2nd paragraph. On the left spoke.Then enter the right needle directly into the 3 sts. And knit are 1 individuals.n.

Thanks to this pattern the lower edge of a summer children's knitted cap will have a beautiful zig-zag edge.

main part of the summer children's hats

  1. proceed to the main part.To do this, repeat the pattern under the scheme 6 times.The width of the web at the same time must be equal measure from the ear to the top of minus 2 cm.

    Legend scheme:

    | - persons.p. in individuals.and a number of PHI.n. to PHI.number

    - - PHI.p. in individuals.and a number of individuals.n in the PHI.number

    • - nakida

    ↓ - 3 p., along with the interchanging

    Note!If necessary, at this stage, you can change the size of the cap, increasing or decreasing the depth of the product at its discretion by 1-2 cm.
  2. Go to the front surface, but each face a number continue to perform at 3 p. With permutation together.Will pattern similar to that of the scheme, but without nakida.

  3. in the last row provyazyvaem all hinges on the two together, and cut the thread, leaving a tail length of 20 cm.

Assembling summer children's hats

  1. transfer all the loops on the hook.

  2. pulled through their remaining end yarn and tighten thread.

  3. The same thread sew edge caps.It is better to use a vertical knit stitch.It turns out the most flat and soft, which is especially important when we knit cap children.

  4. comfortable and beautiful children's summer hat - ready!

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