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Infrared slimming pants

Infrakrasnyeshtany - heat therapy, during which the body is heated infrakrasnymiistochnikami.Such procedures are very popular in Germany, Great Britain andother European countries.With this therapy can be avoided andother liposuction surgery.

These shtanypodhodyat almost everything and in addition, they are used for the treatment and udaleniyamnogih cosmetic problems.

operating principle of infrared pants

They operate under the scheme:

heat kotoroeizluchayut pants, penetrates deep into the tissue, about 3-4 centimeters, warms the joints, muscles, bones, accelerates blood circulation.From organizmavyvoditsya excess fluid and waste toxins, normalizes metabolism, extended lymph and blood vessels, and cells in the body nasyschayutsyakislorodom.This intensive therapy not only helps to improve the general condition, but also to burn fat.

Use infrared pants

After pervogoseansa using infrared pants burned up to one kilogram of fat kaksledstvie this, you fall in the volume of 1.5-2 cm.

to dobitsyaluchshih results in the fight against cellulite and slimming need to walk about 15seansov.

These shtanysposobny warm body fifteen times more than when you poseschaetesaunu.In addition, heat infrakrasnyhshtanov works with exactly those areas that require special attention (correction and removal of fat).Even after the procedure within 48 hours of your teloprodolzhaet lose weight, it is because of this procedure should be between delattrehdnevny break.

sweating that occurs during the session, has good cosmetic effektom.Telo charged vigor, power, energy, and it makes you feel sebyaotlichno.

Rekomenduetsyaispolzovat infrared pants before training or employment at silovyhtrenazherah sinceThis miracle drug warms up the muscles and thereby zamenyaetrazminku.In addition, it is important to undergo the procedure after school natrenazhёrah because warm pants can shoot muscle pain and tension.

When cheloveknahoditsya infrared pants, his body temperature rises to 38.5 degrees, so they give the body a false call that started the inflammatory protsess.Takim way killed all harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.It can be inferred that these pants are a good prevention virusnyhzabolevany.

results procedures infrakrasnyhshtanah

So myvyyasnili that infra-red pants:

  • umenshayutobemy;
  • reduce ipolnostyu rid of cellulite;
  • vosstanavlivayutuprugost skin;
  • quickly udalyayutzhirovye deposits;
  • vosstanavlivayutkozhu after drastic weight loss iliberemennosti;
  • facilitate bolipri sciatica, osteoarthritis, menstrual pain;
  • aktiviziruyutobmen substances and removal of residues;
  • activate blood circulation;
  • ukreplyayutimmunitet to various infections;
  • snimayutsostoyanie nervousness;
  • reduce appetite improves digestive function;
  • improve sleep, relax.

Contraindications to procedures with infrared pants

undergo the procedure infrared pants contraindicated in:

  • Lihoradochnyhzabolevaniyah;
  • Vospalitelnyhprotsessah skin;
  • Serdechnyhzabolevaniyah, reduced or elevated pressure;
  • Hormonal failure;
  • Heavy sluchayahlimfaticheskih and / or venous disorders;
  • pregnancy;
  • Poslehirurgicheskih operations;
  • Tyazhelyhklimaktericheskih violations;
  • Availability iskusstvennyhsustavov and metal prostheses.

Tips for use of infra-red pants

  1. Remember that after the procedure vozdeystvieinfrakrasnyh pants continued for a further 48 hours, so soblyudayteinterval between sessions at least two days.
  2. If you go to a beauty salon to sdelattakuyu process, keep in mind that you will need to set - s / w t-shirt and tights.
  3. Do not use lotions and creams with a warming effect iliohlazhdayuschim.
  4. During the course of treatment should be postoyannovospolnyat water balance, so every day to drink 1.5-2 liters of water.

for better and greater effect can be sochetatinfrakrasnye pants with pressure therapy.So you will quickly regain form sebeidealnye and remove cellulite.

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