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Warm and trendy summer hat knit crochet for baby

Options summer knitting crochet hats for newborns are many, but we suggest you contact the simple hat just for one day.This master class is an example of the headdress for girls, but replacing the product color and removing the decor, it is easy to turn into a cap for the boy.
  • Yarn Lanoso (Turkey), 60% acrylic, 40% wool;'50 / 150 m. Consumption of yarn - 50 grams.Color: Pink (f.00)
  • tools: a hook № 2,5, or 3
  • density basic knit 3 loops of 1 cm
  • size cap: 46-49
  • Additional Materials: bead

summer hatfor baby hook - step by step guide

bottom caps

  1. Knitting start the scheme from the bottom cap, which measures at the top of the newborn.At the end of each row provyazyvaem two lifting loops, so that the product is not too dense.

  2. Recruit five air loops, connect them in a ring without nakida column.Then provyazyvaem still circle on the drawing.

  3. Further work should be permanent fitting, that is, when the bottom of the cap is connected, it is necessary to measure again on top of the baby if th
    e correct size.

  4. Another fitting: bend circle in half - it must be a semicircle of the baby's head (in our case - is 10 cm).

main part of summer hats

  1. next (sixth) series of knit, without adding a loop - it will "turn" on the bottom of the cap to the base web.

  2. In the seventh row alternate with three columns and column nakida two nakida and one vertex.Eighth series of knit without additions.Ninth series of alternately knit four columns with one column and nakida two nakida and one vertex.Tenth series of knit without additions, and then the depth of knit hats dressing without adding loops.The penultimate series of columns without provyazyvaem nakida.The last row of arches, five air loops, one loop is skipped and the next provyazyvaem, recruit five air loops, etc.

decor summer hats for newborns

  1. ready to try on a headdress on the child and marks the place where it is convenient to make the ties.We recruit a sufficient number of ties to the air loops and tie to the cap with a hook.

  2. Option light summer hats for the girls can be decorated with flowers with beads.To do this, we collect five air loops provyazyvaem as well as in claim 2, then start vyvyazyvayut arches of six loops.Finally, the resulting flower sew on a small bead.

  3. Our fashionable and beautiful summer hat for the baby - ready!