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The whole truth about cellulite

Cellulite - this is the wrong structure of adipose tissue, which is more typical for women.The naked eye can see that the skin surface is rough, inelastic, it covers numerous bumps.The body affected by cellulite, actually resembles an orange.Of course, it is characteristic only for the early stages of cellulite.Cellulite in the third stage - it is not pretty apelsinchik and terrible jelly on the thighs, abdomen and other parts of the body.

Where did he come from?

In fact, its base - is a number of reasons.The first and least pleasant - a genetic predisposition.But, fortunately, the genes are the least responsible for the way our body looks.A more important role is played by hormones.Not coincidentally, cellulite - it is purely a women's issue, but men as the disease often shy away from.For the occurrence of cellulite responds primarily female sex hormone, or estrogen.That he was "guilty" in the fact that women have significantly more fat tissue than men.Even the most slender women have little body

fat.It is the evolution of programmed food warehouse in case of pregnancy and lactation, which should provide a feeding of offspring, even in the case of food shortage.In addition, estrogen is responsible for the circulation of lymph in the body, and a large number of toxins - it is a big risk of cellulite.Sometimes, under the influence of estrogen damage occurs fat cells, which may be deformed and spread.

Does excess weight on the occurrence of cellulite?

Of course, the extra weight creates a fertile ground for the formation of cellulite.Recently, however, it began to appear of cellulite and thin women.Why is that?Again we return to hormones.Unfortunately, the products that we often use in food, especially chicken, stuffed just hormones!Even the man sitting on the high-protein diet and consume large amounts of chicken, cellulite!

Overweight and cellulite has now become a problem of young teenage girls.It is most often associated with the use of oral kotratseptivov as a method of protection against unwanted pregnancy.Cellulite - is one of the side effects of these drugs.They not only protect against pregnancy, but also retain water in the body, causing the appearance of so-called aqueous cellulite.Among other things, they contribute to a change in the normal hormonal levels in the female body.

sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise trigger the formation and development of the orange peel.

How can I prevent cellulite?

If you're a woman, you are already at risk.Alas, it is necessary to live with it, but it's not a reason to sit back and wait until you are all from top to bottom cover up cellulite.Remember that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure.If you will be actively engaged in prevention, the risk of orange peel is significantly reduced, and you will enjoy health, smooth skin and elastic body.

Be active!

Cellulite is afraid of any sport and physical activity as a fire.How to train?The bigger, the better.Remember that the best results give regular moderate exercise, rather than a one-time abuse in the gym.Most go on foot, perhaps you'd like cycling.Refuse to use an elevator.Of course, if this all over you add daily exercises, including squats sure, that is a huge plus in your fight against cellulite.

Observe anti-cellulite diet.

We are not talking about that ever starve yourself or just sit on a normal diet for weight loss.Try not to overeat just correctly Balance your meals.Avoid foods that trigger cellulite.These include primarily sweets, salt and all salty products, including intermediates.Eliminate from your diet coffee, alcohol, animal fats.Products labeled «light» are also harmful, ie. A. Contain many harmful food additives.Quit.Drinks 2 liters of still mineral water or drinking water daily.Drink green tea, eat more vegetables and fruits.Included in the menu fish, brown rice, oatmeal, eggs and foods containing omega-3 fatty acid.Then cellulite will not be felt.

smear and massage.

Buy yourself a good anti-cellulite cream, even if you do not have an orange peel.Of course, it should be understood that they work best as prevention of cellulite.It is virtually impossible to eliminate creams alone already progressive cellulitis.However, at the very beginning of its development the application of creams, combined with an intense massage give good results.Cream helps to remove toxins and improve circulation.Massage increases the effect of the cream.

only all the measures in the complex will help you beat cellulite!