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Anti-cellulite body wrap with clay

blue clay is used in the treatment of cellulite.Wrapping with clay is effective for removing toxins from the body, increase the elasticity of the skin.To achieve the best effect it is recommended to add clay in the seaweed, for example, dietary supplements from algae "Spirulina".The mask of a good clay removes cellulite bumps, the skin becomes smooth and elastic.Clay body wrap is recommended to do regularly, then the result will be faster, especially because the clay body wrap is easy to perform at home.

Anti-cellulite body wrap with clay at home

powder blue clay (about 100 g) put in a bowl and dilute with a small amount of warm water.Stir the mixture until a homogeneous mass, density similar cream.This is the basis for wrapping.It is possible to add a variety of aromatic oils and active components have anti-cellulite effect, such as lemon, orange, grapefruit.Immediately before applying the mask on the body, the skin should be cleaned with a scrub.The clay should be spread evenly over the problem

areas of the body and then wrap them in cellophane.For good results you need to achieve the effect of the sauna.To do this, wrap yourself in a blanket or get dressed warmly.The duration of the mask - about half an hour.At this time, relax completely, or even take a nap.Then rinse with warm water and apply anti-cellulite cream.Last used for anti-cellulite massage of problem areas that need to clay after wrapping massage for 10-15 minutes.

To get a good result wrap followed by a massage against cellulite should be performed 2-3 times a week for a month.In addition, the period of treatment of cellulite regime should be accompanied by a balanced diet and the consumption of large amounts of liquid.

To perform the procedure wraps blue clay needed: body scrub, clay-blue powder, aroma oils (orange, lemon, grapefruit), cellophane, a warm blanket, warm water, water tanks, mud, anti-cellulite cream.

Home Recipes masks for wrapping blue clay

Spread the clay with warm water to a density of sour cream, then apply it to problem areas.For best results, wrap in a mixture recommend adding essential oils or other active substances.

mixture of clay and cinnamon

Take 100 grams of white or blue clay, carefully stir in a little water.Then add to the mix 3 tbsp.l.cinnamon and orange oil (3-4 drops).Mix thoroughly.Cooked weight, apply to problem areas, and wrap in cellophane.Wear warm pants or shorts, wrapped in a blanket and relaxed for about an hour.Do not panic if you feel a tingling of the skin, it is nothing like the action of orange oil.An hour later, rinse with warm water and apply a soothing skin cream.The result will please you, as the skin will become taut appearance smoothed wrinkles.This procedure is recommended to perform three times a week, a course of 14 days.

clay and seaweed against cellulite

dry kelp (2 tbsp. L.) Should grind to a powder and mixed with 100 g of clay, pre-diluted in warm water until the consistency of sour cream.To the mixture was added 5 drops of orange or lemon oil.Mix well, apply on the skin, wrap in cellophane, to warm and relax for about 40 minutes.Then wash off the mask with warm water.

Black clay cellulite

Dilute black clay with warm water, add the 2 tbsp.l.chopped dried kelp, and a couple of drops of essential oil of orange.The mixture is applied to problem areas, wrap polyethylene and relax for 40 minutes.When the time to wash away the clay mixture, and the skin lubricated anti-cellulite cream.

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