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Feet that are not yet walking the walk: knit booties for babies hook

  • Semenovskaya yarn, cotton 47%, viscose 53%.Purple for the base web for the backdrop pinetok - blended yarn of three colors (purple, blue, white), for ropes - white yarn.Consumption - 30 grams
  • density basic knit: 2 sts 1 cm.
  • Tools: hook №3, knitting needle, scissors
  • Size: 10 cm

summer crochet booties for babies - step by step guide

offer yousummer tie booties crochet for babies from 0 to 3 months.In this master class is an example of pinetok for boys.For girls is better to change the color of purple yarn with a more gentle - pink or white.

Note!Knit booties for the summer kids to hook up to 3 months the best of multiline yarn, which is well breathable and still warm enough.

Sole booties

  1. start mating with the sole, which must be dense, but soft and smooth.

  2. Recruit 10 aerial loops and three loops rise, put a hook in the fourth loop of the final, and begin to knit the first row of the foot: two columns with one nakida in one loop, the eight columns with one nakida, seven bars in on
    e nakidaone loop, the eight columns with a nakida two stoblika one nakida in one loop, the connecting loop.Then knit the second row of the scheme, so that eventually we turned 36 loops.

main part

  1. Recruit 2 loops rise, undergirding the sole columns with nakida.In this work the thread is pulled through the back of the main loop.This is done deliberately to turn up from the base of the binding.As the circumference of the sole, the number of loops is also 36.
  2. Then knit openwork holes.And in front of booties - where is the toe, it is necessary to knit holes, skipping one loop.Then the thread breaks and anchoring.

  3. These holes must be openwork knit two rows of openwork will go to offset in one loop.

  4. tongue booties provyazyvaem to 10 columns of loops without nakida from mysochkah.

  5. further bind to the main multicolored yarn and knit columns with nakida remaining parts booties.Just need to knit three rows, but the tab was less than the shoes, and a little "care" for the sides.

  6. -soled booties tied arches - five stitches in one loop, skip next st.

  7. tongue booties tied polustolbikami white thread.

  8. weed out the white rope in the hole between the posts at the level of the middle of the tongue, and tying a bow.

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