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Aloe from the common cold for children

Aloe - a miracle cure, which is widely used for the treatment of the common cold, especially in children.It is available to the public and every caring mother can grow it right on the window sill at home.So it will always be at hand.

Aloe juice can not only quickly ease breathing child, but fast enough to cure a cold.The main thing to know how to use it properly.

at a cold Aloe Aloe

no longer just a means of traditional medicine, its therapeutic properties are recognized by researchers and doctors.Therefore, the juice of this plant is actively used in the making of various medicinal and cosmetic products.Besides the treatment of aloe nourishes the baby useful amino acids and minerals that have a positive effect on the overall condition of the body and improves the immune system.Its action is ensured by the presence of antibiotics in the composition of the lungs, which have excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

aloe juice can be used either directly for therapy or for prophylaxis.Regularly burying
his nose in a child, you will be able to protect him from cold-related diseases in the most risky time of the year.

In order to use all the healing properties of aloe vera is important to know how to prepare it.If you do it wrong you can damage the lining or lose nutrients.

Medicinal properties of aloe and methods for treating rhinitis with it.

Proper treatment of the common cold aloe

Do not even try to bury clean svezhevydavlenny juice in the child's nose.So you only do harm, as instantly inflamed mucosa.There are several ways to help you properly prepare aloe juice and effectively cured with the help of a runny nose at the kid.

Remember!In no case do not use the juice of a young plant.Dermatologic only aloe older than three years.

first tear a few leaves of aloe.It is best to take the ones that are as low as possible.Wash them, wipe, wrap a dark paper or newspaper and put in the fridge for 12 hours.You can then squeeze the juice out of them.Note that you can only use it within 24 hours, not longer, otherwise it will lose its medicinal properties.

How to use aloe to treat a runny nose in children?

Before the juice to drip into the nose child, make sure it is warm.Its temperature should not be below room temperature.Bury juice 3-4 times a day for 3 drops in each nostril.Thus you will ensure maximum impact of juice to the nasal mucosa, while not damaging it.

Recipes based on aloe vera to treat the common cold for children

It is not necessary to use pure aloe juice for the treatment of rhinitis in children.You can prepare a composition which is more gently affect the sore nose and not give him any discomforts.

Proper preparation of aloe juice for the treatment of the common cold in children.

easiest recipe, the aloe juice diluted with water.Use this requires only boiled water.Dilute in a ratio of 1: 5 and bury your nose in a child.

no less effectively acts honey in combination with aloe juice.To prepare such a drop must take liquid honey, its slightly pre-heated and mixed with aloe in a ratio of 3: 1.

also very effectively acts aloe juice combined with olive oil.First, it is necessary to bring the oil to a boil and cool.Then mix with the juice of aloe 3: 1.Again, warm up, only this time in a water bath and bury your nose in a child in the form of heat.

In any case, even in diluted form to use aloe juice should be very careful.Start with small doses and closely watch the reaction of the child.If all goes well, you can be happy, because in your arsenal now is the perfect remedy.