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Signs in our lives: "Why not?"

Why not cut his hair?

Some girls prefer to dub themselves bangs.Nevsegda have time to run to the hairdresser, and she climbs on your eyes, it is not the priyatnayavesch.So, in the opinion of many people, you can not cut yourself.In volosahsoderzhitsya our life force.And we ourselves shorten his life otrezayavolosy.

cut off his hair ends, we completely change our sudbuv worse.Some legends say that the hair is svyazuyuschimzvenom between man and the cosmos.We draw strength from that connection.

-cropped hair itself is inconvenient.Therefore otkinteeti experiments and go to a good hairdresser.Do not skimp on svoeykrasote.Men like beautiful women and healthy hair.

Why can not I sleep in front of mirror?

mirror Today was a great addition to the interior vspalne.Some do even mirrored ceilings.This sexy and stylish.Nomnogie people believe that it is impossible to sleep in front of the mirror.Indeed, during snachelovek vulnerable, and our soul can get in the mirror.Finish this mozhetplohim-being, e

mptiness and depression.

of feng shui in the bedroom in the bedroom should not be a mirror.Oniprivodyat to quarrels and betrayals between spouses.In the future, may even lead kraspadu family.

Why can not I sleep against the door?

Why should not put a bed opposite the door? It is believed that the threshold - a connecting strip two energy fields.A vosne vulnerable people.If bed opposite the door, you can lose your zhiznennyesily.

door - it's something impermanent, it opens izakryvaetsya, is a conductor to another room.But bed - etostabilnost and comfort.When faced two extremes, there is a diskomfort.Eto can bring to insomnia and nightmares.If your bed is opposite the door Ivas nightmares or insomnia, perhaps the reason you have clear and porasdelat permutation in the room.

Why not give the towel?

towel is practical and necessary items to give gigieny.No it is not recommended.Although it can not absorb the bad energy, there are reasons why it should not be presented as a gift.

If you remember the old traditions, that one of the main roles napohoronah and other rites belongs towel.Therefore, giving is a towel to quarrels, diseases and separation.Towel - a symbol of the road.And poetomuesli you give it, it is a parting.It is said that the couple did not stoitvytiratsya one towel, it can bring to quarrels.

Why not give the cross?

There is a sign that it is impossible to give a cross, of course, zaisklyucheniem baptism.Otherwise, a person takes a piece of the giver cares and tribulations utogo whom he presents decoration.Such a gift can lead to disease.

The Church believes that it is possible to give a cross and oprovergaetdannye thoughts.This is the only thing that is freely made iprodayut.So if you want to give the cross, there is nothing wrong with etomnet.Give the cross should be from the heart.Many superstitions are prostomifom in which we believe.

Why not give a clock?

As for why you can not give a clock, can be long and should sporit.V each country has its own signs.Now it is believed that a person can not be daritchasy as you shorten the duration of his life.

Some believe that the arrow chasovprityagivayut evil spirits.With this gift a man gives a bad energetiku.Drugie and believe that the clock can lead to strife and discord in otnosheniyah.Konechno, it's just superstition.

Why not give knives?

This knife is a perfect gift for men.Takpochemu it is impossible to give it?It is believed that such a gift attracts misery, strife, conflict and enmity.Rumor has it that a knife, who went from one to another chelovekak contains its energy.

knife symbolizes misfortune, he may retain and attract nechistuyusilu you trouble.But there is a solution.It is said that for the present fee neobhodimovzyat "penny" and then all the troubles recede.

Why can not there before the mirror?

Every girl has always carrying a mirror.Etoneobhodimaya thing for any lady.The fact is that in ancient times people schitalietot thing very mysterious and unpredictable.If you look in the mirror, you should invest in reflected positive emotions.

very long time attributed magicheskiesposobnosti mirror.There is a statement that can not be eaten before a mirror.There nauchnoedokazatelstvo that eating in front of a mirror, you can lose weight and body bystreenasyschaetsya.Others argue that eating food in front of a mirror, bangs can sestsvoyu memory and happiness.Which of these is true, hard to say.There is a theory that eating in front of a mirror, you can give her beauty other world.

Why can not advance to give gifts?

We love to receive gifts.There is a sign that Needless to give gifts in advance.But what is the reason?What is it that you prepodneseteego early?

said that the gift, given in advance, can attract nepriyatnosti.Esli you still gave a gift ahead of time, then congratulations to this day birthday reserved.Although few people believe in this superstition.When you give a gift, just do it with all my heart.

Why not take pictures of a sleeping man?

past, people believed in a dream a person leaves his body iuhodit to other worlds.It is impossible to draw a person, and during sleep, it mozhetzabrat his vitality.It can bring a sleeping sickness, betrayal ilirazluku with my boyfriend.This applies to photography.

There are a sign that if take a picture of a sleeping man, Toon will be less to live, it will attract trouble.

Why can not clean in the evening?

believes that trash can guide damage.The longer onnahoditsya in the house, the easier it will ruin your life.Therefore, you must throw the whole sobrannyymusor before sunset.If you start a cleaning night tomozhno sweep prosperity in the house.

Another sign says that if a family member is now on the road, it is necessary to postpone cleaning dotogo moment, until he gets to the destination point or zhdatnepriyatnosti be in the way.

Whether to believe in omens, it's everybody.Much byloprosto invented.Most superstitions remain a mystery.Around them vsegdakruzhat secrets and mysteries.Do you believe in superstitions?