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Kids Foot Massage: appliances, video testimony

Indications for foot massage for children

usually prescribe massage with the following deviations from the norm:

  • hypertonus muscles;
  • gipotonus;
  • Flatfoot;
  • various pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, ranging from the development of rickets varus and ending with the installation of the stop;
  • Disease Prevention.

Massage legs and feet is recommended for all children in order to prevent and especially in the case of detection of deviations from the norm.The technology impacts on the musculoskeletal system toddler simple and after some consultation with a doctor is allowed to conduct their own sessions.

Features children

Exercises for the feet and legs of children

Talking about exercise, it should be borne in mind that for the most part, they are designed for children with abnormalities.The most common - a curvature of the legs and flat feet.Under these complications recommend the following actions:

  • Walking on tiptoe;
  • Walking on heels;
  • Boating on the outer feet of the load;
  • game "collect pencils"
    when a child should be using the legs and fingers on them to pick up a pencil and to shift it to another location or to your hand.

Effective exercises, massage for children

Technique baby massage the feet and legs

Experts distinguish perform various exercises, depending on the age of the baby: 1 to 3 months, 4 to 1, and after a year.The technique of movement, however, remains unchanged, however, the older the child, the higher the intensity and duration of the session.

Basic techniques for massage baby's legs are performed when the baby on her back.Here are the basic techniques and tips:

  • Rubbing from the bottom-up, and vice versa (especially in the area of ​​the knee);
  • Perform grinding is necessary for each leg alternately.Average - 3 minutes for children of 1 to 3 months, 5 minutes - about one year, 7-8 - and higher from year;
  • Follow straight, circular and spiral grinding feet, massaging each finger individually;
  • Consult with your doctor, who will tell the length of the procedure and the main points to be aware of;When
  • foot massage baby tight time frame no, but recommended for each take 10-12 minutes.Intensity - ASC, depending on the age of the child.

Features massage techniques for children, massage for legs and feet

Equipment Foot Massage for children: Video

number of different online video show every movement and the very technique of foot massage for children.To view the best selection of informative videos foot massage, go on one of the links below:

  • Children's doctor showing how to perform the movements, additional accompanying a story about some of the details;
  • Comprehensive massage the feet and legs of infants;
  • Another video, where you can see how you are driving qualified to massage the feet and legs baby.

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