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Popular slimming salad: Recipes

How did the salad?

Initially salad had not usual for us to look and taste.For the first time began to prepare this dish in ancient Rome, but there was to plant endive (chicory recalls), parsley and onions.Refuel the goodies salt and honey and vinegar.

Popularity dressing came much later, when mankind became acquainted with the work of selection and the French growers managed to bring us the usual juicy lettuce.Then he served as a side dish to meat.

interesting to find out!Familiar with modern gourmet salad with a variety of ingredients appeared only in the nineteenth century, when to plant components have started to add eggs, meat or seafood.

Now salads can serve as not only a festive table decoration, but also to introduce diversity into the daily diet and promote weight loss.

A delicious, healthy salad and the main thing that will help lose weight.

Popular Diet salad: Recipes


This diet salad is perfect for young mothers who seek to restore the figure after childbirth, as well as meals for fasting days.

To prepare, take:

  • White cabbage, seaweed, apple,
    carrots and beets - 100 g
  • Prunes - 50 g
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • few tablespoons of vegetable oil for frying

prepared this easy saladso:

  1. All vegetables should be washed thoroughly, peel and grate.
  2. Mix and mash the ingredients well, then add the lemon juice and finely chopped prunes.
  3. Salt is not necessary, as the taste and without it will be pretty intense.

A useful and very tasty salad.

Note: besides prunes and apricots can be used, and the vegetables add the onion.To give a delicacy delicious taste, pour the vegetable mixture in a few pomegranate seeds or berries cranberries.

low-calorie salad slimming

Its secret lies in the fact that as a filling broth used.Thus, it turns out nutritious meal, but without the extra calories.


  • Sweet pepper (preferably of different colors) - 2 pcs.
  • Tomato - 3 pieces.
  • Leek - 2 pcs.
  • few sprigs of chives
  • Handful parsley
  • Salt to taste
  • Vegetable soup - 200-300 g

procedure for preparing

Pepper cut into thin strips, and tomatoes - slices.If you have small tomatoes, they can be simply divided into two halves.

put all this in the pot for baking, or other similar dishes, sprinkle with chopped onion, salt, and pour the broth.

Cook in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees, while serving sprinkle with parsley.Moreover, you can eat like a meal in a warm and cold.

A simple recipe for a delicious diet salad slimming.

Light salad slimming "Fantasy»

seems that the creators of the dish is not for nothing was given this name because it combines seemingly quite incongruous ingredients.However, such a mixture is not only nourishes the body with useful substances, but also for a long time retains a sense of satiety.

It includes:

  • celery - 300g
  • apples - 250 g
  • carrots - 1 pc.
  • low-fat sour cream - 100 g
  • walnuts
  • half an orange

begins to prepare:

Celery need to boil, cool and grate.The same should be done with the peeled apples and carrots.

Mix the ingredients, add the crushed nuts, a little sugar and salt.After that, dressed with sour cream and spread on top of a few slices of orange.

Step cooking healthy salad

Come up with useful recipes low-calorie salads for weight loss and you can own, and then cook them at home.After their secret lies precisely in raw vegetables and easy refueling.So feel free to experiment with your favorite fruits and vegetables, and then weight loss will not seem to you quite so painful process.

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