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When the day of Airborne in 2015?

What day of the VDV: history holiday

In 1939 occupied the Tajik city of Garm first landed amphibious group, and August 2, 1930 during a military exercise near Voronezh successfully operated a group of 12 paratroopers.This day is considered the birthday of the Airborne Forces.In 1931, in the Leningrad Military District was created and first Airborne Division.The main objective of the "blue berets" - to act where other kinds of troops can not.Hence, the motto of the famous Airborne: "No one except us!".

particularly clearly manifested themselves landing brigade during the Second World War: participated in the battles at the Halkin-Gol, fought on the territory of Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine, were planted in the South Sakhalin and Port Aturi.

Multiple Airborne Brigade heroically fought in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

former paratrooper does not happen, so the August 2 don their blue berets and those who repay homeland 20-30 years ago, and those who serve today.The main thing is fun to congratulate t


Congratulations on the Day of Airborne

most mass celebrations on August 2 famous St. Petersburg and Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Voronezh, and, of course, Ryazan - the cradle of the airborne troops.Traditional events are sports indicative landing, laying wreaths and holiday prayers, because the day coincides with the Airborne memorable day of the prophet Elijah.In the evening, traditional bathing in a fountain!

not forget to congratulate their relatives and friends.Suit's words:

hundreds of parachutes in the sky,
as a small cloud.
So hold exercises
We Airborne Regiment.
Dome white parachutes,
headed toward Earth.
the reliability of their slings,
Carry elite Airborne.
Poems can be playful:

You commando!Congratulations!
Day Airborne knocking at the door,
This just kicking
her foot - open soon!
wasted and at the kitchen table,
Another raised his glass,
Stay in the legs, look no Ruhnu,
Well you VDVeshnik!Not Cormorant!
All paratroopers with their Day -
parachute opens.
In the evening start
Bottles beat, let the fireworks!

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