Effective exercises with a barbell: the complex on the whole body

Before proceeding to the description of complex exercises with a barbell on your body, you need to know about some of the features of these workouts.

Features barbell exercises

barbell exercises stimulate active growth of muscles, but they do not grow during the workout, and afterwards, during the holidays.It is therefore necessary to fully relax, at least a day.If you belong to the category of people tend to be overweight, practice at least three times a week.The duration of each of your workout should not be less than one and a half hours.In addition, it is important not to be limited strength training, cardio and complement them.

There are also recommendations for classes depending on the season.For example, many a coach say that during the cold season (autumn and winter) training with a barbell should pay 70% of the time, and another 30% - active pastime.During warmer months, the distribution of 50/50.

set of exercises should be tailored to your goals.If you want to increase your muscle mass do
fewer repetitions, but most approaches.Wanting to lose weight do the opposite: greater repetitions and less approaches.

It is equally important to choose wisely weight.On the last repetition you must be the hardest.Once you feel that the third-fourth approach you to easily cope with exercise is necessary to increase the weight.

set of exercises with a barbell

We invite you to take advantage of our exercise program.Your task will be only to calculate the load and number of repetitions based on your goals.Also do not forget a little razomnutsya before the main workout.For this perfect light charge.


Perform this exercise can be lying on the floor or on a bench.It is important to fix the correct posture.To do this, bend your legs at the knees.Feet should be fully and firmly stand on the floor and the back while slightly bend.Pick up a post and starts to rise.Lower it is not lower than 20 centimeters.Try to do it as smoothly, without jerks.

You can perform this exercise at home, using a bench or lying on the floor.

French press

Stay in the same position, grab a rod and slowly immerse it.At the same time, your arms should be bent at the elbows only.

Perform each exercise slowly, try to eliminate jerking.

Bench sitting (can be performed while standing)

Regardless of whether you press a sitting or standing position, the bar should rise above his head.It can be omitted in the chest or head.However, at the initial stage it is not recommended to lower the head, as it is somewhat more complicated.

Exercise is performed standing up.

Variation of Exercise


effective exercises that help pump up the muscles of the shoulders and back.You need to pick up a barbell and lift their shoulders only.It looks like an easy grip.It is very important not to carry out circular movements.

Features of the exercise with a barbell

Deadlift Stand with feet narrower than shoulder width.Feet should be parallel.Take the post at a distance of the width of the shoulders.Raise it so that it actually slides along the lower leg.Straightened you should bend at the waist.The back is slightly tilted forward, and thoracic straighten the maximum.Beginners can only lower it below the knee.Over time, complicate the exercise and raises the bar from the floor.

Carefully follow this exercise, so as not to hurt your back.

thrust in the slope

great exercise to strengthen the back.It must be performed smoothly as possible.The shoulders at the same time not have to go back, way back muscles will be reduced as much as possible.

One of the best exercises to strengthen the back.

Front squats

In fact, this exercise is no different from the classic sit-ups.The only thing you need is to put a bar on the chest or back.Squat is necessary along with it.

Front squats strengthen the thighs and buttocks.

regularly performing this exercise program, you will soon be able to see the effect.The main thing to consider that in any vacation training plays a major role.Complex training involves a barbell unloading week a month.This means that during this week you train, but without the bar.It may be cardio, fitness, stretching.

barbell exercises - video