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Recipes home cocktail diet: protein and green smoothies in a blender

How useful homemade smoothies for weight loss?

The most basic use of these drinks is that, despite the low calorie, they perfectly replace a full meal, while making up the shortage, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, people who use green and protein shakes to lose weight, feel better note, efficiency, increases the protective properties of the body, in some cases, may complete deliverance from disease of the liver and stomach.

With all the benefits of these wonderful drinks, they get very tasty and not time-consuming to cook them.

green smoothie recipes for weight loss

first option is green cocktail is perfect for those who chose the basis for weight loss caloric restriction.In order to grind herbs was pleasant to drink, you can add some fruit.It can be peach, apricot, strawberry.In our case, we take a banana.

Effective weight loss with green cocktail - simple recipes and gradual preparation

So, for the preparation of the drink you'll need the following ingredients:

  • drinking water - half a cup
  • spinach - 100 g
  • beet tops - 3-4 medium
  • banana leaf - 1 pc.

Before peremolkoy must be inserted into the blender blade 4, and then put it on the highest setting.You need to interfere as long as the ingredients do not get a creamy consistency.

second no less tasty, healthy and effective recipe includes the following products:

  • drinking water - half a cup
  • parsley - a small bunch
  • Ginger - 10g
  • 1 banana or peach (your choice)
  • honey -half a teaspoon

Method of preparation is identical to the previous one.Doctors, nutritionists recommend consuming this drink on an empty stomach every morning throughout the course of losing weight.

Tasty green cocktail slimming recipes options

Cooking protein shake

This recipe is perfectly suited to those who prefers to lose weight loads more sports than diets.Because of this cocktail has a relatively small calorie, it's great make up the body with protein and amino acids necessary for muscle recovery.

This variant protein drink will require you to such ingredients:

  • skim milk - half a glass
  • quail egg - 2 pcs.
  • yogurt (fat content of up to 4%) - a quarter cup
  • for sweetness, you can add 1 ch. L.honey or sweet fruits 1

very first need to whisk the egg.For this recipe, we chose quail because they contain slightly more protein than chicken, richer in vitamins and minerals, in addition eliminates the risk of disease helminthiasis.

Simple step by step recipe for slimming protein shake

After beating eggs add all other products and whisk them to the bubble texture.

As has become clear shakes for weight loss is simple enough to cook, expensive or unavailable ingredients they do not need, but the benefits and the effect of them is invaluable.By the way, these recipes are perfect for menu handling days.More often pamper yourself like a drink and your body will respond to you thanks!

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