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Diet №4: the basic principles of medical diet, forbidden foods, exemplary menu

Diet 4 - recommended products

Remember the basic principle - products must be either welded or supplied in liquid form (soups, broths, cereals).Avoid any "solid" food, fried, spicy.

products that are recommended to use:

  1. From fat: butter (piece no more than 4-5 g per meal);
  2. meat: boiled chicken breast, lean fish.You can twist the stuffing, make patties, meatballs, etc .;
  3. Flour products: eliminate completely.Permission is granted leave unless the dried bread from the higher grades of wheat;
  4. Liquid: chicken or fish broth, soups with vegetables (necessarily good boil).Add a can of meat, pre-steamed, meatballs;
  5. from dairy products is recommended to keep a fresh low-fat cottage cheese;
  6. Chicken boiled eggs, no more than 2 units a day;
  7. cereals leave the rice, buckwheat and oatmeal.All of this should not be used in "pure" form, and added to cereals and soups;
  8. From vegetables should be discarded completely, limiting their use in soups in small quantities;
  9. Fresh fruits and berries to completely remov
    e from your diet, replacing jelly and jelly from them;
  10. recommended to drink coffee without milk, black and green tea, cocoa, juice (except made from sour fruits or berries).

The list of authorized products diet №4

Products forbidden to eat during a diet number 4

  1. from fat than butter can not be anything, including a vegetable;
  2. exclude meat products such as sausages, frankfurters, sausages, various meats, canned food, pork, lamb, goose and duck.Fish also can not be pickled and smoked;
  3. Fresh bread and other pasta dishes;
  4. Dairy soups, beans, cold.Vegetable - in a limited number, but it is also desirable to give;
  5. sweet should not be honey, compotes, jams;
  6. Strictly adhere to diet and do not drink carbonated drinks, milk, kvass.From juice - grape is not the best choice.

menu diet for 4 days

doctors, in order to reduce the load on the stomach, it is advised to split a meal for 5-6 times.

Menu for the week diet №4

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

  1. porridge rice, buckwheat, oats and butter, tea;
  2. grated apple or pear;
  3. soup with meatballs steamed, boiled patties;
  4. tea or coffee with crackers or fruit;
  5. fish dish.

Tuesday, Thursday:

  • steamed omelet, fresh juice diluted with water;
  • cheese;
  • rice or buckwheat, oatmeal;
  • jelly or jelly from the fruit;
  • boiled meat poultry or fish with tea or coffee

It is important to remember that the diet №4 may appoint a doctor for certain problems with the digestive tract

diet number 4 should appoint a doctor.Despite the low content in it of carbohydrates and fats, you can really throw a few extra kilos, but you run the risk at the same time their health as diet №4 incorrectly applied a negative impact on the body and the digestive tract, can lead to additional complications.