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Gift mother on March 8 beaded brooch with lace in vintage style


for manufacturing handicrafts made of beads for March 8 in vintage style we need:

  • 2 cut lace 40 cm (brown - a width of 1.5 cm and beige - width 2.5 cm);
  • plastic cameo handmade;
  • 40 coffee-colored beads (4 mm in diameter);
  • beige Czech beads (5 g);
  • piece light leather for lining;
  • piece of nonwoven (the size of a little more than cameos);
  • glue "Moment";
  • scissors;
  • beige thread;
  • needle for beads;
  • special buckle for brooches.

Gift mother on March 8 Bead: step by step instructions

  1. We put in a cameo fleece and cut a piece of blank form, departing about 1 cm from the edge.

  2. Next you need to tightly sew a special foundation for the brooch to the interlining.

  3. Generously grease a cameo glue and tightly pressed against the interlining.Wait until dry.

  4. start to embroider.Print the needle on the front side and two strung beads.

  5. sewed them back to the starting point and go through it again.In the following two needle strung beads.

    is sheathed in a way all around the cameo

  6. Next, repeat the process, but not with beads and beads with coffee.Step embroidery - no two beads as in the previous paragraph, but one.

    embroider full circle.
  7. Process the edge using a hinge joint.To do this, first, we collect two beads.

    pass a needle through the second bead again.Selects the next processing product "loops."

    Here's a view of acquired edge bead crafts for March 8 after the end of treatment;

  8. proceed to lace.Brown otrez on the edge sewn seam "forward needle" and tightens.
    Note: it was convenient to attach to the lace crafts, press it for a few seconds with warm iron.

  9. brown lace sewn to the wrong side of the product;

  10. Beige otrez make out exactly the same way;

  11. beige lace sewn on top of brown.

    Now, the process of making crafts beads 8 March is almost over.It remains only to draw the wrong side.
  12. Cut an oval of skin to close the back of the product.
    Note: first make a paper pattern, and mark on it for a pin-slot mounting.On the skin with scissors or knife stationery need to make small holes to secure the protruding fasteners;

  13. Glue leather blank to brooches.

Gift mother on March 8 ready.Mom sure would be delighted, having received such a hack, and appreciate your efforts.