How to lose weight with yoga?

Tips for losing weight

Is yoga can be used for weight loss?Unequivocally, the answer is "Yes."But this does not mean that you'll notice the disappearance of superfluous kilograms.After all, in fact, this teaching is directed to a complex effect on the body and morale.

  • Overweight begins to go after a rather long, and most importantly - regular classes.This will be possible only after the body cleansed of toxins and harmful salts.
  • Because yoga is not just a set of physical exercise, but also a kind of psychological stress, you will be less stressed.A correct approach to employment improved insulin secretion from the pancreas, which in turn contributes to greater food digestion, and thus losing weight.
  • addition of special exercises (asanas), you will need to learn to control your mind and eat right.This will help you a good instructor.But if you do not have this capability, you can always practice yoga by yourself, using video tutorials.

Lose weight with the help of yoga is very simple, give advice and recommendations.

Features and variations of yoga

Unlike other physical

activities that are intended to force action and stretching muscles, yoga affects the body complex.

  • During exercise tense several muscle groups, and through proper breathing speeds up metabolism.It is recommended not to breathe the breast and belly, to the life-giving oxygen to reach to all parts of the lungs.
  • Ashtanga yoga is considered the most effective for improving fitness.But without some training you will not be able to immediately start the course.The fact that it postures change rather quickly with some transition from one pose to another.
  • Bikram Yoga is aimed at weight loss.This kind of use of force to eastern gymnastics.Asanas are combined with aerobic exercise and the intervals between them, as there are none.Instead, you must do breathing exercises and stretching.However, such studies will suit those who do not have special training.

way, you can easily check the competence of your coach.Ideally, this kind of yoga classes should be created as close to the Indian climate.That is, the temperature about forty degrees and about the same moisture content.So you will sweat more, and the body will go harmful substances.

Features and types of yoga for weight loss.

few contraindications

Despite the apparent ease of training, be sure to consult with your doctor if you have such diseases:

  • Malfunctions cardiovascular
  • Serious lung problems (such as tuberculosis or pneumonia)
  • Radiculitis
  • Blood disorders
  • disorders of the central nervous system

Before doing yoga it is very important to familiarize yourself with contraindications.

recommendations last

Since yoga ideally need to be addressed four times a week, you'll probably have to learn lessons from the Internet.But there are general rules of preparation for self-employment.

  1. sure to ventilate the room before training.
  2. All exercises are done on a special mat and shoes.
  3. During breathing exercises can breathe only through the nose.
  4. Sport is best done in the morning or an hour before bedtime.
  5. sure to start training only after the complete digestion of food or even on an empty stomach.

Given our recommendations and with the help of their own willpower, you can quite quickly lead body in good physical shape.

Check out the video and get closer to harmony:

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