Tatiana Navka preparing for the wedding in Sochi

Yes, I'm really going to get married this summer.Wedding planning to hold in Sochi, - confirmed Navka.- Date is kept secret.Be patient, soon all will know.

Tatiana with their children for the summer has arrived in Sochi.In this city of 90 scheduled performances ice show Ilya Averbukh's "Carmen".Two-time world champion in ice dancing takes to play a major role.

Tatiana Navka Show Photos youngest daughter

Recently, 40-year-old skater has shown in social networks youngest daughter Hope, where a half months marks a year.Photo in the pool, which was published in Instagram, where an older sister Nadia, Alexander, holding the baby in her arms, is made from the top, so people can not see the girls.

my everything !!! "- briefly signed photos athlete.

Navka usually tries not to advertise personal life, so the family picture skater cause violent response from subscribers to microblog.

daughter Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov, was born on August 21, 2014-year.Travel to Sochi was for 10-month-old Nadia

first in life.Older sister girl, Alexandra, was born 15 years ago from his first marriage with Tatiana skater Alexander Zhulin.By the way, the skater has recently admitted that she is not against to become a mother again, and she did not want to postpone the event for a long time.

after the second birth Navka quickly restored in shape and back on the ice.Plans athletes - create their own theater on ice.Although no work Tatyana life is not, she stressed that family and children remain a priority for her, and she tries to devote all his spare time daughters.

athlete has previously commented on the rumors about a possible wedding.

I am very pleased that the whole country is going through for us and so looking forward to our wedding, - said Tatiana Navka.- I always knew that the seal in the passport - not the most important thing is to keep love and family.In my life, this event will happen, but everything has its time.

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