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Carbohydrate-free diet: what is expected from it

Carbohydrates are divided into two categories:

Simple carbohydrates

food, which contains glucose, sucrose, lactose.To the list of these products are all sweet fruit (sweeter than - the more sugar), honey, pastries, muffins, sugary drinks and, of course, sugar.

Complex carbohydrates

These are products which is composed of glycogen, starch, or cellulose.These include: potatoes, corn, grain cereals, bread and pasta, legumes.

What is the difference between these carbohydrates are

main difference between simple carbohydrates from complex is the rate of cleavage.Simple carbohydrates are broken down and almost immediately absorbed into the blood.The sharp increase in sugar in the body is characterized by rapid satiety, which also takes place rapidly.Just simple carbohydrates stored as fat, so that the detrimental effect not only on the figure, but also for overall health.Complex carbohydrates break down much longer, have more useful features than simple.Once you have used in food dishes high in compl

ex carbohydrates, there is a feeling of satiety for a long, you feel a surge of strength.However, the complex carbohydrates overabundance may also lead to obesity, if not control their consumption.

Menu carbohydrate-free diet

As with many other diets, you will need to fit into your daily requirement of calories.More precisely to take away from this number 500 factor and stick to the figures.Of the 100% share of the food eaten in the meat, dairy products and vegetables should account for 70%.The options menu can include carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell before, broccoli, greens, green apple and lemon.

Menu carbohydrate-free diet, meals, tips

offer you a list of dishes one day diet, as well as a table of contents of carbohydrates in foods:

    Breakfast - boiled chicken breast sandwich with butter and cheese, vegetable salad.

    Lunch - a portion of buckwheat, chicken or meatballs of beef, cheese.

    Snack - 2 apples, a handful of walnuts

    Dinner - fried fish, salad, cheese.

    second dinner - serving of cottage cheese (9% fat), a cup of yogurt or sour milk.

Table calorie and carbohydrate content:

Caloric content of vegetables, fruits and mushrooms.

Calorie bakery products and cereals, a simple table of caloric

As you can see from the above, the diet contains small amounts of foods that contain carbohydrates.That's because eating some protein, you will enter your body in a state of stress that can negatively affect the internal organs and overall health.

carbohydrate-free diet.Reviews:


"With this diet I was able to lose 8 kilograms in one month.Much discomfort I felt as dishes that can be included in the menu are quite varied.The effect lasts for about six months ... "


" gym, but in this business to succeed, you need not only hard to do, but also to adhere to the system power supply. This diet is just three weeks has not only helped methrow five kilograms, but also significantly increase muscle definition. For sport, this diet is indispensable! "

From all this we can conclude - this diet is good that in your diet there are different products and dishes, but you,though not so quickly, but losing weight. Good luck in losing weight and fewer breakdowns!