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Diet for gastric hyperacidity

What can I eat when acidity of the stomach?

In this disease, doctors recommend to eat cereals, of which consists of substances that envelops the mucosa.With this excellent job barley porridge of rice, semolina.You can also cook borscht broth and low-fat.Any product can be stewed, bake and cook.Boiled eggs are allowed to use.Even you can afford an omelet, but only in the oven.The daily menu must be present dairy products.

Increased acidity of gastric symptoms and treatment.

acidity of the stomach: symptoms and treatment

Why is this disease are advised to completely give up fried foods?And the thing is that they stimulate the production of gastric juice.If this dish, steamed, they, on the contrary, calm secretion.Spices also play an important role.So, with this disease very effective diet, which involves a complete rejection of salt.The food in any case should not be hot.It is important to eat small portions.Before going to sleep in any case can not load.

bread is allowed, but in small quantities.In any case, it can be replaced as the biscuits and

loaves.From alcoholic beverages rather be retired.Sugar can be consumed, but in moderation.If it's pastries and sweets, as part of which there is a lot of preservatives, it is best to give them up.As a dessert perfectly suited mousses, jellies and thick jelly.

What can I eat when acidity of the stomach?

Meals at high acidity after 50 years

In this age it is necessary to pay attention to all the products that you use.After all, with high acidity can cause acute and sharp pain.So, it is allowed to eat carrots, potatoes and beets.Excellent meal - porridge with the addition of pumpkin.It is possible to experiment in the kitchen.Permission to eat burgers, but only for a couple!We should not forget about the other dishes.Tea or other drinks in any case should not be too hot.Doctors recommend to reduce the acidity of the stomach to eat a special curative water.Take it for half an hour before meals.

Proper diet for gastric hyperacidity.

Do not forget to include in the diet of dairy products.Best of all - to give preference to soft types of cheese.Thus they can be added to any food before cooking.Some nutritionists recommend drinking before eating a few tablespoons of vegetable oil.If you broke down and ate something tasty, it's best to immediately drink a glass of skim milk.

Important: eat small meals every two to three hours.Thus, you can not only recover, but to lose weight.

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