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The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

The only drawback of this method of combating kilograms - the load on the kidneys.The average daily rate of protein for women is 50 to 90 grams.This figure shows the safe level of protein intake in the diet.If it is more, our kidneys begin to work with a vengeance, which is extremely detrimental effect on their function.Therefore, the diet should be more careful.

What can I eat?

list of products that may be in use, is very diverse: beef, chicken, many types of fish and shellfish, dairy products and eggs, especially chicken and quail.There is also a list of products from which to have to give up the diet: cereal, all flour products (except for dietetic breads and vegetable pastries), sweet fruit (grapes, peach, melon, pear, etc.), starchy vegetables (such as cornand potatoes).

Products that losing weight is allowed to eat on the protein diet

present our approximate menu for the week.

can alternate products and dishes at your discretion.

Week protein diet

Day One

    Breakfast: 160 gr.boiled chicken fillet, 100 gr.grated beet, 1 egg, green tea

    Dinner: 150 gr.boiled chicken, 1 diet bread, 120 gr.salad of carrot, cucumber and parsley, vegetable juice

    Dinner: 100 gr.Fish cutlets, 20 g.120 g of cheese.salad of boiled beets with sour cream, green tea

second day

    Breakfast: 140 gr.boiled beef, 2 eggs, a small piece of cheese casseroles, coffee without sugar

    Dinner: 200 gr.fried fish (low-fat varieties), a salad of eggs and sour cream, vegetable juice

    Dinner: 150 gr.Boiled chicken breast, 100 gr.low-fat cottage cheese, a glass of water

third day

    Breakfast: 100 gr.boiled beef, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, vegetable juice

    Dinner: 150 gr.low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream, 2 apples, green tea

    Dinner: 150 gr.boiled fish, 120 g.sauerkraut

fourth day

    Breakfast: 150 gr.low-fat cottage cheese, green tea or organic coffee

    Dinner: 170 gr.beef stew with carrots, 150g.

    vegetable salad Dinner: 100 gr.cheese, 1 egg, 100 gr.sauerkraut, a glass of mineral water

fifth day

    Breakfast: 170 gr.cottage cheese with sour cream and a cup of yogurt

    Dinner: 180 gr.boiled chicken (you can of broth), a salad of cucumber, cabbage and parsley, vegetable juice

    Dinner: 160 gr.steamed fish cutlets, 50 g.cheese, a glass of water

sixth day

    Breakfast: 100 gr.boiled chicken fillet, 120 gr.grated carrots with sour cream, green tea

    Dinner: 150 gr.boiled beef, 100 gr.sauerkraut, vegetable juice

    Dinner: 50 grams.cheese, 2 eggs, green tea

seventh day

    Breakfast: 150 gr.boiled fish, salad of cucumbers and cabbage, green tea or organic coffee

    Dinner: 150 gr.boiled chicken, 2 apples, green tea

    Dinner: 150 gr.low-fat cottage cheese or cottage cheese casseroles, diet cookies, a glass of mineral water

In between meals is recommended to drink a glass of water.Also, about 300 mL.of water to drink in the morning on an empty stomach, as it significantly improves the metabolism.Also, do not interfere with morning exercise, because, as you know, exercise not only burns calories, but also help fight hunger.

Approximate menu for the week for a protein diet

As you can see, this diet is not as "Spartan", as some others.The diet is varied.If desired from protein foods can be cooked many delicious dishes.But the main advantage of this diet - fast weight loss.Many girls have experienced all the advantages of this method.

Few reviews


"The problem of excess weight to pass me by inheritance. Why have not I tried - and jogging, and separate meals, and exhausting diets, working on the principle of" the mouth of the castle. "But do not giveproof effect. As soon as I relax a little and fat again settled on my hips and stomach. Not so long ago learned this wonderful method, I decided to try. The results of the protein diet I was amazed. After the first year already took seven kilograms. It's been two months -weight has not increased. I think after a time again to sit on this diet and fix my achievements ... "


" The existence of this diet had heard for a long time.But never before been interested in such as overweight and did not touch me.After delivery, I have increased ten kilograms, most of which are comfortably settled on my sides.Exercise afflict, but in the mirror nothing changed.I decided to do things differently.In addition to my home fitness system began to eat protein diet.The result - minus 12 kilograms in one month.It's amazing!I became even slimmer than it was before the birth! "

What to cook for losing weight protein diet

Judging by the reviews of girls, we can see that this approach to nutrition has a significant and long-lasting result.And if the problem of excess weight is relevant to you, it is highly recommend this diet.Change for the better!