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Here is the body in order: a diet for weight loss belly

one way out - immediately go on a diet, which removes excess fat.But it is necessary to warn at once that the diet is effective for weight loss abdomen short time.To avoid such incidents in the future and not to jeopardize their health should always take care of their body and do physical exercises.Diet for stomach and sides can have only an emergency, local assistance.

diet menu on Zhirkov on the abdomen for a week

In fact, it is based on standard food restrictions.Nutritionists advise not to replace dishes on the menu and try to exactly follow all instructions to achieve the best results.

Diet menu on Zhirkov on the abdomen for a week

Day 1

For breakfast, eat one cup of yoghurt and add it

toast Lunch: 150 grams of cooked rice and a salad of cabbage, cucumbers and peppers

Dinner: boiled chicken, the best brisket or beef -100 g fresh juice from apples, eggplant, ideally baked

Day 2 Breakfast: cottage cheese with 0% fat, coffee or tea without sugar and milk

Lunch: 100 grams of cooked rice and beef

Dinner: Saladof onions and tom

atoes (250g).A glass of tomato juice before bedtime

Day 3 Breakfast: turkey cooked 100 grams, a cup of green tea

Lunch: 150 g boiled or steam fish, salad from sauerkraut, onions and peas

Dinner: boiled rice and an apple.Before going to bed - a glass of apple juice

Day 4 Breakfast: 100 grams of boiled beef, tea or coffee

Lunch: vegetable soup broth, bread bran

Dinner: boiled rice and chicken meat 150

Day 5

Breakfast: a glass of low-fat yogurt with toast

Lunch: 2 baked potatoes, 150 grams of boiled fish, salad from carrots with sour cream

Dinner: vegetable salad, and 100 grams of boiled beef

Day 6 Breakfast: herbal tea, 2 piecesoatmeal cookies, one boiled egg

Lunch: boiled rice with turkey (100 g)

Dinner: 200 grams of boiled chicken, fruit salad

Day 7 Breakfast: cheese (100 g), green tea and toast

Lunch: boiled rice and vegetable salad

Dinner: 200 grams of boiled beef, salad of cabbage and cucumbers

If time all week to sit on a diet is not there fast diet for the stomach.In the opinion, it does help as soon as possible to get rid of fat.

's what they write about such a diet.


«Actually, I do not believe in quick diets.As for me, rapid methods only harm the body.But I needed to quickly remove the saggy stomach and this diet really helped me.I hope that the more I do not have to resort to it. "

Sample menu so fast diet

Breakfast: 1 orange and a cup of yogurt or 200 grams of cottage cheese and apple

Lunch: 2 apples and 1 orange.You can replace the three spoons of honey

Lunch: vegetable soup and an egg (you can substitute 50 g of cheese), or 200 grams of chicken grilled with a salad of fresh vegetables

Dinner: 100 g of boiled meat and beans or 2 tomatoes, cucumber and200 g of cooked fillets.You can replace 200 g of any seafood stews.

Physical activity during dieting

Since diet slimming belly, though quite severely limits the diet, but depletes the body, you will not feel discomfort, dizziness, and be able to fully perform a set of exercises.

Exercise during diet during weight loss diet stomach needed.

recommended daily do tilts left and right as well as to make the body turns.It may be an effective means of hoop.Twist it a hundred times in one and the other side.

And remember, rapid weight loss diet belly, and let clean the fat, but the result that the body stores them in other places, sometimes quite unexpected.So watch her figure constantly and do not forget about the active lifestyle.

Reviews and real photos of people who were removed from the stomach using a simple diet