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Diet or lifestyle?

Who is this Dr. Kovalkov?

Today, it is well-known Russian nutritionist one of the most popular and successful.But it was not always, because only ten years ago, he was th physician and overweight.Such a sad state led him to the need to create a system of power that allowed him only six months to say goodbye to 50 pounds.Successful experience has allowed the clinic to open and release two books in which he outlined his views and based diet.

What is the difference from other diets?

First of all, diet Kovalkova is the antithesis of modern ideas.Doctor harshly criticized all sorts of mono diet and does not recognize the harsh restrictions.He believes that, you should not stick to rigid restrictions, as they would in any case be interrupted by gluttony.All this not only leads to a rapid weight gain, but also to mental disorders.

As a result, in order to successfully lose weight without harm necessary to discard any tough restrictions and, above all, it is important to understand the cause of your poor co

ndition.Try to answer me: "Why do I recover?".Based on their response, and take responsibility for your life, you can go forward to the ideal.

The main recommendations of an effective diet Kovalkova

Methodology Dr. Kovalkova has many advantages.First of all, it is easy to carry, both the physical and the psychological level.You do not have to constantly count calories, enough high-grade, and above all balanced feed.In addition, the system Kovalkova suggests that you can choose and make up their food menu.You will not starve, but also do not have to overeat.The food is absolutely enough for a comfortable life.

Stages diet Kovalkova

process of weight loss for you will be divided into three stages.Each of them requires a plan, which should adhere to.In addition, they provide for physical activity.However, according to the doctor enough daily walk.

Stages Kovalkova diet and foods that can be eaten

preparatory stage

first stage lasts from two to four weeks, during which you will gradually begin to move more and to wean from the wonders of the modern power, that is, forget about any fast-food and other fast carbohydrates.It's time to give up starchy foods, sweets, chips and other snacks, soda and all that belongs to the category of "pollutant."Also, you have to clean the body a little bit.At this stage, usually, it is possible to say goodbye to five kilograms.

main stage

It involves increasing the amount of exercise, it's time to add power walking more action.Dietary restrictions a little, but of course, all that is harmful, it is to forget forever.

final stage

It can be called the stage of consolidation, as it is designed to keep the new weight and to ensure that he will not return.On it you will spend a year, and this period will allow to remain permanently in their new, slim body.

What should I eat?

based on your new menu, a protein and low content of fat.Be sure the protein products have to be for lunch and dinner.And be sure to have to eat two egg whites before bedtime.

There are a few rules.

  • eat raw vegetables
  • Meat and fish cooking
  • Cereals zaparivat boiling

Sample menu

In the first phase you can eat beans, lentils, wholemeal cereals, and fruits and vegetables.Especially not here popiruesh, but it is only a stage.Greater diversity should be expected next.

Sample menu for the second phase:

    At breakfast, you can give preference to low-fat yogurt, bran and eat some nuts.

    Snack limit one apple.

    for lunch cook straight from the tin Greek salad and season it with olive oil.

    At lunch, eat grapefruit or apple again.

    evening, according to tradition - two egg whites.

Sample menu of the third stage

    ideal for breakfast will again yogurt, bran and nuts.

    From snacking refuse, for lunch we eat raw vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese with chicken or fish.

    for dinner again, vegetable salad, dressed with vegetable oil.

    And before going to bed, like all the previous days - two egg whites.

How to eat for Kovalkova

Do not delay, because it is your life.No, instead you do not load the fridge the right products, and close it at the castle.Be aware of their need for health.What diet to choose your work, but the system Kovalkova is ideal for people who do not like the restrictions, but want to be healthy and beautiful.

What results can be achieved by feeding the system Kovalkova