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Little fashionista: beautiful summer knit beret crochet for girls

very elegant summer beret looked at the little girl, he gives tenderness and style image of a little girl.Especially if it takes a delicate, crocheted from fine yarn.This virtually weightless Headdress does not deliver any discomfort delicate baby skin, but protects the child from overheating and overcooling.Moreover, decorating takes for girls with beads, beads and bright ribbons, you can successfully combine it with different clothes and accessories.

  • Yarn: Alize Forever 100% microfiber, acrylic, '50 / 300 m, Color 01-633070.Consumption of yarn: '30
  • Tools: 1. hook, white thread, needle
  • density knitting: horizontal loop 3.9 m = 1 cm in size
  • beret: 50-51
  • more jewelry: beads

Summer takes the girls for - step by step guide

Easy child takes the hook can be knit from several constituent elements associated separately and can no truncation of the working yarn as prepared in our workshops.

choice of materials and schemes

as the main circuit of summer beret scheme is used 1. The presence

of a large pattern in conjunction with the air loop takes to make this girl's elegant light.

Note!Choosing a scheme for a summer baby crochet beret, consider the thickness of the thread to be used.Schemes lace patterns look good only in conjunction with thin thread.If you plan to use thick thread, then give preference to a symmetrical pattern.

main part

  1. Recruit 4c.n. and closes them in the ring.

  2. Next knit according to the scheme 1. The designations employed in the scheme:

    .- Overhead Loop

    × - bar without nakida

    | - bar one nakida

    ̑ - connecting loop

    Note!As a basis for the summer beret crochet scheme can also be used tablecloths and napkins.
  3. tied round columns with nakida.To the desired volume must be knit three rows.Get a circle with a diameter of 24 cm.

  4. Vyvyazyvanie the middle of the summer beret implies a reduction loop.Therefore, every second post with nakida we unite with the neighboring to gradually reduce the volume.

    Important!The more dramatic is the decrease of loops, the more flat will take.

  5. Next knit mesh.For mesh recruit Art.s / n. in.n., combine art.s / n.c.n. the previous row.Knit mesh five series.If necessary, you can increase or decrease the number of rows.

  6. then tied product without nakida columns.

Decor beret

For decoration summer flower knit beret scheme 3.

  1. First row: recruit 6c.n. and closable in the ring.
  2. Second row: recruit 3v.p.p. knit 18 st.s / n.
  3. In the third row are forming petals.Gaining 7c.n., connect their art.b / nv the third loop of the previous ryada.Takim way knit all six petals.Tied with flower petals on the scheme.
  4. decorate flower beads and sew to the children taken.

  5. Summer takes the girls for knitting crochet ready!

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