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Lose weight for a long time: the Japanese diet

real "golden mean" in the case of weight loss can be considered as the Japanese diet.It does not require a large capital investment, lasts for two weeks, there is a significant weight loss, and the result lasts a long time.

Details about the diet

The first thing is to say that no one has accurately and could not figure out why so-called diet.Foods that need to be used as recommended, is hardly a traditional Japanese.They are more suited to our latitude.It argued that it was thought up by Japanese women to achieve the perfect figure.In another, more common version, the Japanese Diet was created by experts in elite clinic in the country.In fact, it does not matter.The main thing is that now there is a tool that will allow not only to quickly remove excess folds, and fix the result for a long time (according to some reviews, even up to three years).

What you can and can not eat at the Japanese diet.

Before you start to lose weight on the Japanese method, you want to see products that are allowed and not allowed to eat, and make appropriate purchas


list of prohibited products:

  • alcohol
  • salt, sugar and spices
  • fatty meat and fish
  • meats, processed cheeses, cream
  • animal fat
  • black tea smoked
  • marinades
  • pastries inincluding bread
  • sweet soda

Recommended Products:

  • black coffee (ground)
  • fruits and vegetables (any)
  • eggs
  • oil
  • lean meat and fish
  • yogurt 0%
  • mineralwater without gas, juice, green tea

Before you tune in to the diet, you need to clearly understand that the products can not be changed and it is necessary to adhere to very strict guidelines.Only in this case, judging from the reviews lost weight, will see the result.

Japanese diet is of three kinds: 7, 13 and 14 days.The most successful variant is considered to be the last, as the main fat mass starts to leave it in the second week, and the 14th day allows you to permanently fix the result and not puzzle over how to get out of the Japanese diet.

A simple menu of the Japanese diet, meals for every day.

Menu Japanese diet

Immediately say, come up with something on their own do not have to.All lists are made up of food for a long time.The only thing that is required of you - stock up and buy samurai-delayed right products, to the height of the diet, do not breathe the seductive aromas of the supermarket.

Day 1 Breakfast: coffee without sugar Lunch

: Boil 2 eggs, cook boiled cabbage with vegetable oil.An excellent alternative to it can be a fresh tomato.Drink tomato juice, or purchase a home.

Dinner: Prepare and eat 200 grams of fish.It can be boiled, steamed, at worst, fried.

Day 2 Breakfast: again, you will find a coffee without sugar, though diversifying food intake can also crunches

Lunch: cook 200 g of fish and a delicious salad of boiled cabbage

Dinner: a cup of yogurt 0% and 100 g beefpreferably boiled

Day 3 Breakfast: one biscuit, coffee without sugar

Dinner: zucchini or eggplant (unlimited), depending on what you like best.Fry, stew, bake.

Dinner cook two eggs, 200 g boiled beef, and salad from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil

Day 4 Breakfast: a carrot, flavored with the juice of one lemon.You can also split apart and eat carrots, squeezed lemon juice

Lunch: 200 g of fish boiled or baked fish, a glass of tomato juice

Dinner: any fruit (200 g)

Day 5 Breakfast: carrot and lemon juice

Lunch: boiled fish and tomato juice (200 g)

Dinner: 200 g of fruit

Day 6 Breakfast: coffee without sugar

Lunch: boiled chicken without salt (500 g), salad of raw cabbage and carrots (refill with oil)

Dinner: 2 eggs, 1 carrot

Day 7 Breakfast: green tea

Lunch: boiled beef (200 g)

Dinner: 200 g of fruit / 200g of fish (fried or boiled) /2 eggs and 1 morkvovka (choose one).Drink a glass of buttermilk

Day 8 Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: boiled chicken (500 g) and coleslaw with carrots

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, salad from carrots with vegetable oil

Day 9 Breakfast:carrot and lemon juice

Dinner: a glass of tomato juice and 200 g of fish

Dinner: fruit (200 g)

Day 10 Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: one boiled egg, three small carrots, which can grate and seasonvegetable oil.Eat together with 50 g of cheese

Dinner: any fruit not more than 200 g is desirable to avoid grapes and bananas.

Day 11 Breakfast: one slice of bread, rye necessarily with coffee without sugar

Lunch: fried zucchini and eggplant

Dinner: cabbage salad, two boiled eggs and 200 grams of boiled beef

Day 12 Breakfast:cook flavored coffee without sugar and drink with rye bread

Lunch: cabbage salad, boiled or baked fish

Dinner: one cup of yogurt 0% and 100 g of boiled beef.Be sure to cook meat without salt.

Day 13 Breakfast: coffee without sugar

Lunch: two boiled eggs, and cook the cabbage and dressed it with vegetable oil.Diversify all possible glass of tomato juice

Dinner: 200 grams of fish in any form

Day 14 Breakfast: coffee without sugar drink again

Lunch: cook 200 g fish, coleslaw, fresh or cooked

Dinner: cookor bake 200 g of beef.200 accompany dinner yogurt 0%

menu seems a little monotonous, but judging from the reviews, the diet works.

How much can you lose a kilo in the Japanese diet.

Reviews Japanese diet


«I tried two years ago.Ten kg - this of course, brute force, I took off only 6. But the weight is kept within these limits. "


«At first glance it seems that the Japanese diet is monotonous.In fact, all the products are delicious and do not want to eat at all.Apparently, it is kind of special. "

Marina Alexandrovna:

«Lose weight I could, but I fear that so often mock the body can not.I doubt that even when a try. "