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Weight loss without a ban on food: diet minus 60

System Operation slimming -60

Author diets developed a summary of the rules that we try to analyze and distribute to you the points.So it will be easier to move to a new system, to eat whatever you like and still lose weight.

How to eat a diet minus 60

  1. first meal.Breakfast should be mandatory.So you wake up your body and it will begin with a special zeal to process received calories.In the morning you can eat anything you want.Even fried potatoes, bacon, white bread and tea or coffee with sugar.

    can pamper themselves with chocolate, but it is better to give up milk varieties.If you can not do it immediately, gradually buy chocolate with a cocoa growing.The same applies to sugar.Gradually reduce the dose, and soon you get used to drink beverages with no sugar at all.

  2. Diet does not mean complete abstinence from alcohol.Yes, spirits should be excluded, but if not this way - choose a dry red wine.
  3. Try dinner time.Dinner 18.00 - not necessarily the rule.If you go late, and the dinner is to be late, but still a few hours be
    fore bedtime.
  4. potatoes and pasta you can eat only lunch and only with vegetables or cheese.But for breakfast, you can make your own pasta nautically or eat mashed potatoes with sausage.
  5. As regards the use of water, there is not any specific guidance.I need to drink a lot, but not through force.Your body will tell you how much fluid a day he needs.
  6. as a side dish eat cereals or steamed rice (it is better than usual).
  7. Dinner should be light.But if you really want the meat or seafood, you can not be anything complementary.

Below are tables that you can download and print to always be able to properly combine foods.

How to combine the products indicated in the table

A great help in deciding what and when to eat on a diet minus 60

With these tables, you can create a complete menu for a month

A simple table that will create a menu for the diet for a month minus 60

If you find it difficult to combine the everyday products that use these tables to create a menu just for a month.

opinions diet minus 60

It may seem that this method of weight loss is not entirely effective.But reviews of thousands of women who have tried to eat on such a scheme, prove otherwise.

The effectiveness of the diet minus 60, proved real people.


«At first I was frightened by the complexity of the diet.I even thought I was not ready for such active thinking about what I eat.But in reality it was very simple.Strong and permanently lose weight, I could not ever.Now I eat what I like, the weight is gradually disappearing and I'm happy and numbers on the scale, and the contents of the refrigerator. "


«I know, men rarely sit on a diet, but I had to.Satisfied with everything, especially the presence of meat and sweet.The only thing - alcohol.I somehow embarrassed red wine, but with time and can get used to. "


«At first, I did not lose weight.At all.Terribly upset.But I decided to continue, as significant changes in its menu, I have not noticed.And in time to get the results so that girls have patience. "