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Stabilize the weight for a long time will Dukan Diet

The author of the diet neurologist by profession.However, he became interested in the principles of a healthy diet, when his friend needed serious help in the fight against obesity.It was then Ducane and developed his diet, which is already used by more than five million men and women throughout the world, including such well-known personalities like Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton.

Detailed description Dukan Diet

Perhaps the most welcome news for those who dare to try this method of losing weight for yourself, is that the author of this power supply system realizes the depth of human suffering while limiting your diet.Therefore, the basis of the diet - this is not a limitation in the products, and the right of choice.

Agree, it's nice to realize that dieting will not need to count every calorie and tormented by pangs of conscience for an extra spoonful of soup.

What is the Dukan Diet, a description of its stages and requirements

However, keep in mind that Dukan Diet is not rapid weight loss method.Eating according to the developed plan will have

a few months.After that, a nutritionist and he admits light gastronomic "mischief", but most people get used to eat at Dyukanu and do not change the principles of drawing up the diet.

Dukan Diet consists of four stages.The first two aimed directly at the burning of body fat, and the last two - to stabilize the weight and keeping fit.

consider a detailed description of each phase.

Stage One.Attack

As the name implies, it is this phase is aimed at active weight loss.Most often it lasts 3-10 days, depending how much you want to lose.Three days is required for the combustion of ten kilograms or less, from three to five - to lose 10-20 kilos.And if you need to remove up to 30 kg, the attack can last ten days.

At this time, be used exclusively protein products.To digest a meal, the body expends more energy than gets.

is a sample menu for attacks

Breakfast: omelet of three proteins and low-fat milk, fish (1 piece), tea or coffee.

Lunch: beef or chicken.Meat can be boiled or baked with herbs.

Snack: any seafood with a slice of cheese

Dinner: yogurt or low-fat yogurt, a slice of fish.

products recommended fry without oil and salad exclude mayonnaise and vegetable oil.Instead, use lemon juice.

also need to drink plenty of water without gas, about half to two liters a day.

addition to the above examples of dishes Ducane allows the use of such products:

  • meat: beef, veal, pork or poultry.Always without skin and fat
  • fish and seafood
  • milk and milk products low-fat
  • liver, kidneys, tongue
  • chicken eggs and quail

What can you eat and in what quantities at Dukan Diet

Second Stage.Cruise

Another name for this phase - alternation.So it was called because apart from protein foods into the diet of some vegetables are added.It is necessary to alternately eat only protein foods then combine proteins and vegetables.

Traditionally, at this stage, and there is a loss of weight to normal.But its duration can not be driven into any frame.Fed, thus necessary to achieve the desired weight loss.

Vegetables that can be used:

  • cucumber tomatoes radish
  • asparagus and green beans
  • spinach, celery
  • all varieties of cabbage
  • zucchini, eggplant
  • pepper

Carrots and beets - justoccasionally.

forbidden to eat:

  • potatoes
  • cereals and pasta
  • beans (not beans), peas, beans, lentils
  • olives
  • avocado

Stage Three.Securing

time begins a gradual return to the usual diet.For the products listed above the two previous phases gradually add the bread, rice, pasta, fruits and sweets.

Fixing will last depends on how much weight you manage to lose.If the 5 kg- 50 days if 10 - then 100 etc.Mandatory condition: once a week to arrange a protein day.

Step Four.Stabilization

This phase is essentially no different from the previous one.Ducane recommends following such a diet for six days and the seventh to make protein.It is strongly recommended exercise.

only important condition that must be observed in all three phases - each day to eat 2 tablespoons of oat bran to prevent constipation, inevitable when a large amount of protein.

opinions about Dukan Diet


«After the birth of a son I gained 20 kg.Somewhere on the Internet I stumbled on this diet.In the first phase threw 6 kg, then the process stalled.Yet half a year I lost 11 kg. "

Before and after the Dukan Diet.


«The problems with weight I have always been.Why not just try, almost starving for days.It helped only Dukan Diet.For the year managed to throw 22 kg.Initially we had problems with constipation and I decided that the diet does not help, and almost fell.So eat bran. "