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Losing weight with the help of celery

Celery for weight loss - it is almost the same as the gainer or protein shake for weight set.

stems, roots, leaves, juice - that vegetables are good without exception.Among other things - he had enough nutritious, there are many vitamins and good taste.

One of the most popular dishes of celery soup is, versions of which - a lot.

How to use celery to lose weight.

Consider the most interesting recipes Celery:

Option 1.

Take 1.5-2 liters of tomato juice, 200-300 grams of celery root, 5 tomatoes, a couple of pieces of green pepper, 500 grams of needlebeans, 5-8 (to taste) carrots and a few more bulbs.Optionally, you can add a small head of cabbage.


finely chopped celery and other vegetables.Put all in the pan - pour tomato juice, so that the vegetables were completely under the liquid.If juice is not enough - it does not matter, add water.Include heavy fire pot and bring to a boil.When -varim boil for another 10 minutes at the same heat.Then close the lid, make fire and cook for at least 10 minutes.A total cookin

g should take 30-40 minutes of your time.

How to cook the soup of celery?

Option 2.

Instead of tomato juice - take 2.5 - 3 liters of water, cabbage (the same as in the soup), 5-7 onions (medium), a couple of tomatoes, bell peppers (1pcs.) and spices to taste.Celery can be added to either - or bundles of stalks of green, it does not matter.Proportion - or 2 stalks or one bundle of greenery.

Similar to the first embodiment, all finely chopped and fill with water.On high heat bring to a boil.How to boil - close the lid and cook for another 15 minutes.

celery soup

Usually, the method of losing weight with the help of the celery used for 7 or 14 days.Can be longer, this is optional.In our example, we will look at the most common and effective diet, designed for one - two weeks with the use of celery soup.

  • (8) day - eat fruits and soup.Bananas on the menu should not be.
  • (9) day - fresh vegetables and soup
  • (10) day - fresh vegetables, soup.For lunch or dinner, you can make the potatoes in their skins.
  • (11) day - soup, yogurt (0.5 to 1 liter), and 2-4 banana.
  • (12) day - soup, include in the diet of 30-700 grams of cooked meat (suit chicken, beef or fish, but not fat).It is imperative that you must drink a lot of fluids.On average - 8-10 glasses (do not forget about the diuretic properties of celery).It is desirable in this day to add to the diet of 5-7 tomatoes.
  • (13) day - soup, vegetables we eat actively, 300-400 grams of cooked meat, chicken or beef is better.No fish.It is recommended to drink at least 6 glasses of water.
  • (14) day - soup, vegetables and cook brown rice.We eat all necessarily determine the amount themselves.

During the diet do not forget that you need to strictly adhere to certain rules.Completely eliminate sugar, salt, sweet, marinated, flour, soft drinks (mineral water, even without buy gas).Coffee and tea you can drink, but without sugar.Just pay attention to the fifth and sixth days of the diet.Celery removes toxins, and does so with the help of liquid.If you do not give the body of water, the result of a diet will be much worse.

Juice of celery for effective weight loss

14 days without any problem reset 5-7 kilos and improve their health.The main thing - stick to the diet.Good luck in this hard work!