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In Moscow, opened the exhibition "As fashion is born: 100 Years of Photography"

publishing house Conde Nast - the temple of glamor and gloss, central "iconostasis" which, of course, is an American Vogue.The cult fashion magazine for several decades is a bible for professionals and fashion lovers.Any model wants to get to the pages of this magazine, any celebrity to star happy for him, almost every photographer would be honored to work with Vogue.

exhibition "100 years of photography from the archives of Conde Nast» shows not just the most successful or funny pictures, camera pictures Vogue, she is systematized in a way to show different stylistic era, highlight typical handwriting of different masters of the lens.Here it is, first of all, photos of the American edition, but there are also pictures from the French, British, Italian versions of the magazine.

The exhibition is organized chronologically, and at the very beginning the viewer gets in 1910-1930., And the first exhibit is a portrait of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, made in 1913 by Baron Adolf de Meyer for American Vogu

e.This is followed by "The Golden Age", is appropriate in the decade from 1940 to 1950."New Wave" is a fashionable photo period of 1960-1970.Final Exposure department entitled "Recognition and renewal" is the work of contemporary photographic virtuoso shooting by them in the years 1980-2000.

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