Being feminine is simple: the new spring-summer collection of Bizzarro

This season Bizzarro fashion refined elegance and simplicity.The collection of a lot of tenderness, even more floral prints - laconic and, at the same time, incredibly sensual beauty.It's very unobtrusive.

Femininity - in the foreground.No call and no complexity.Every detail is appropriate and flawless.Fashion trends and timeless classics surprisingly joined the collection and give a unique charm.Designers inspired floral dreams and surprising ease.It's very gentle and incredibly romantic.

Everything plays a modestly admired and complement each other.Even the orange and red do not confuse his frankness, but just fit harmoniously into the overall tender mood of the collection.

Latest azure and green, all shades of gray and blue, mustard and soft pink.All colors are so different, and so are equally delicious organic.A variety of colors to create a dull image in any mood.White and black are present but unobtrusive complement romance and inspiration this spring-summer season.

dresses give the image of tenderness and sexuality skirt tempting successfully emphasize curves and blouses do not interfere with enjoying the beauty of women.All the tenderness of spring, the beauty of flowers and the joy of sunshine pass through the collection and give it an incredible charm.Interesting solutions delight.

collection come to life with the assistance of the Italian designer Marco Nicoli.Here, black, red and blue - the dominant tones.Designer diluted soft spring-summer glamor contrasting colors.Luxury red and black Inspired discreet as always.But bold decisions are not banal.

Dresses collection Bizzarro occupy a special place.Calm floral patterns, floral pattern and geometry.No overt sexuality, but there is a gentle appeal.No complexity, but there are some interesting solutions.No banality and boredom, but there is a sophistication and elegance.

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