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The April 2014 Diet: lunar calendar

So how to eat in April?Let's carefully rassmotrimlunny diet calendar for April.Your body has to thank for it.An incorrect hold hunger strikes and cut down your food intake in those days: 1 through 4, 6 to 8 and from 29 to 30 April.Fasting days recommend 9.11 and 20 April.

April 1st.Today the stars recommend to use spryanostyami food and hot spices.They improve your metabolism.If you can not estspetsii, it is not a health risk.Those who suffer from heartburn should ostavatsyana diet.And just if you do not like a food, then push yourself unnecessarily.Yet it is the "sharp little" today will help get rid of lishnihkilogramm.Food should be fun.Include in your diet is good for the body myaso.Osobenno lamb and chicken.

on 2 April.Eat more vegetables and fruits.You can dazhezamenit one meal vegetables.This will be useful for your zheludka.Poprobuyte breakfast fruits with sour cream, and cook dinner zapechennyeovoschi in the oven.Choose the vegetables that you like very much.Today is not stoitupotreblyat

meat, junk food is to the body.

3-5 April.Whatever you eat will be digested quickly and will burn calories like crazy.So now you can let sebenemnogo superfluous.Do not worry, calories do not settle on problemnyhmestah.But it is necessary to know the measure.Now is not recommended to use meat and grubuyupischu which can inhibit the metabolism (sweets, flour, fat, etc.). Do not drink alcohol, it can worsen your health.Recommended segodnyasovershit jog or go to the gym.If you are going to natrenirovku and so you can increase the load.

6-7 April.Now it is not necessary for both cheeks tuck.Vashmetabolizm slowed slightly.So we recommend even cut kolichestvokalory.Try to eat a fractional.It is best to focus on fruits iovoschi.They are currently very beneficial to the body and will keep you vtonuse.Vegetables and fruits will not let you go hungry and not add weight.

8-10 April.At the moment, it is important not the food itself, and with whom vyee eat.You should not eat if you are upset about something, or sadness.Etomozhet negatively affect you.But the meal in good company prinesetogromnuyu health benefits.Try to be on the positive and not get frustrated popustyakam.Overeating can cause abdominal pain and malaise.Poetomupitatsya necessary measure.Who should go to the gym.Physical nagruzkipoydut benefit.We do not rule out walking in the fresh air.

11-12 April.We recommend that only fresh blyuda.Pitatsya in this period need only freshly prepared food.Even if kashuvy prepared yesterday, and she stood in the refrigerator, do not eat it stoit.Organizm may negatively perceive it.And it can worsen health.

13-14 April.It should include in your diet krupy.Oni perfectly enrich the body with vitamins and trace elements.In the morning on zavtrakprigotovte flavored oatmeal with honey and fruit.A dinner or even uzhinmozhno eat rice.Do not get too porridge to fill with oil.Drink bolshetravyanyh teas.Coffee these two days is not to drink at all.

15-17 April.Mozhetepobalovat themselves exotic.Taste, which previously did not dare to experiment sest.Pora.Even if the body is not accustomed to the exotic, then at the momenton accept it with gratitude and loyalty.Try traditional blyudaraznyh countries treat yourself to something interesting.But we warn you that everything should be in moderation.No need to have from 5 different dishes, and all the etomozhet end in failure.And do not abuse alcohol, it lishnee.Mozhete drink a glass of red wine.

18-19 April.It should be eaten already familiar vamprodukty.Now it is not necessary to try something new.The body can absorb negativnoeto.There can be only fresh food.During this time, you mozhetepoluchit injury in cooking.So be very careful, lest injure yourself.If you go to the gym, it is dangerous to zdorovyaseychas.It is better to do meditation or breathing exercises.

20-21 April.You can eat in unlimited quantities ovoschi.Eto can be fresh, steamed, fried, boiled or baked.Prigotovtevashi favorite dishes of vegetables.It is now very useful for the organism.Dlyasladkoezhek good news - you can pamper yourself tasty.We nerekomenduem cram cakes and scones.It is better to eat a little chernogoshokolada, the more useful it is for the body.If you want to eat tokaloriynoe, it is better to do it in the morning.

22-23 April.Meals should be useful and varied vdannom time.Do not get too cut back on calories, even if you hotitepohudet.This has a negative impact on health and can lead to failure.Vklyuchitev your diet milk, yogurt and cheese.You can go for an intense workout.Onaprineset you a burst of vitality.It is useful to massage.So go narelaksterapiyu.

24-25 April.Drink plenty of fluids.And preferably ochischennuyuvodu.Less drink coffee.Replace coffee drink delicious travyanymchaykom or mate.The more fluid you drink, the better for organizma.Vklyuchite in your diet variety of fruits.

26-27 March.It is necessary to eat more greens.Do sbazilikom salads, parsley, dill, etc.Now they are useful for the organism.Vydolzhny eat more fruits and vegetables, but only moderately.Do not overdo it, otherwise etomozhet cause allergies.Try a new sport, make adjustments vvash training.

28-30 April.It is not necessary right now to try new dishes at kontsemesyatsa.This may adversely affect on the body and the digestive tract.No health risks if you do not want to cause disorder of a different nature.Vnimatelnoprislushaytes to your body, and you will understand that it is necessary to you.Dazheesli you want something useful, you can pamper yourself.Otherwise dietaprivedet to failure.

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