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Super effective diet by Elena Malysheva

diet Malysheva in a very short time has become a blockbuster.And it's not names Malysheva, not her fame.It's much easier.It really works.

Elena, in his spirit, before the diet, advises all women to tune in a positive way.After all, you do not have to starve.If you avoid stress to the body, he learns more nutrients, and the efficiency of the process of the diet - will grow.

Following such a wonderful and positive advice, let us proceed to consider the practical part of the diet of Helen Kids at home.

Features diet Elena Malysheva

Features diet Malysheva

Diet has several features.First, it is based on the maximum exclusion of their daily diet products that contain fats.No matter what, whether vegetable or animal.Also in the food should be the minimum amount of salt.Secondly, it is desirable to completely eliminate the flour, potatoes, carrots, beets and varieties of sweet pastries.Alcohol, of course, remove from the diet too.

Unlike other Malyshev supporter not sharp weight loss, and progressive.She embodied their ideas and t

echnologies diet.It is designed for 2-3 months, or longer, according to your wishes.The advantage is a continuous diet is the minimum load on the body, lasting results that will last 1-2 years, the overall improvement of the body and health.

Judging from the fact that the author of this method proposes to delete, you can hang on the refrigerator memo products that could and should be eaten.Dishes that provides this diet, are very diverse, so you can cook whatever you wish (of course, a part of meals should not include prohibited food).Do not forget to observe their daily requirement of calories.

What can you eat on a diet Elena Malysheva

Approximate diet menu for one of malyshevoy

(Note that this technique requires strict adherence to the regime of the day).

    Breakfast (7-8 am, depending on your daily)

    serving of oatmeal on the water with the addition of fruit or walnuts, a glass of low-fat milk or yogurt.

    Lunch (three hours later)

    grated carrot and apple

    Lunch (about an hour of the day)

    boiled chicken and a portion of the unpolished rice porridge, broth hips

    Afternoon (16.00)

    casserole cheese with the addition ofapples, dried apricots or prunes.

    Dinner (3 hours before bedtime)

    vegetable salad dressed with olive or sunflower oil, a cup of green tea.

As you might guess - Elena Malysheva diet not only effective in the fight against excess weight, but also quite nutritious.Do not underestimate the benefits of this technique, since currently it has experienced many women.

The menu, as well as recommendations for the proper management of diet Elena Malysheva.

Letter girl has experienced the diet E. Malysheva:

«During the second pregnancy, I began to recover rapidly.From elegant slim girl I turned into a Bun.Leave it as it is, I'm not going to and immediately after the birth of the baby decided to lose weight.The problem turned out to be the choice of the right method of losing weight.Nearly all diets based on monogamy that breastfeeding was forbidden.I came across this diet, began to eat according to counsel Malyshev.It's been about six months, I'm almost back in shape.I think to support the outbreak of the gym.The very principle of supply will continue to adhere to, because I feel great! »

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