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Diet "5 spoons»

essence dietyzaklyuchaetsya to reduce the volume of meals at a time.The advantage diet misrepresented that dietary restrictions are not too strict.This diet is well suited full of people who have the stomach too stretched and used to polucheniyubolshih amounts of food.After the diet the stomach returns to normal size, and leave extra weight decreases the physiology of digestion.Thanks takoymodeli food, you will not feel hungry.Normally hunger nastupaetspustya 4-6 hours.By reducing the volume of the stomach to throw the weight nevernetsya back.

Basic principles of diet :

  • sedatza time can be up to five tablespoons of food (about 150-200 grams);
  • mezhdukazhdymi meals should not be a period of time more than three hours;
  • vodyneobhodimo drink as much as possible, but not less than 1.5 liters per day;
  • for denmozhno eat many times;
  • vidprigotovleniya products - any, but still recommended to avoid zharenoyzhirnoy food;
  • nelzyaupotreblyat sugar, fructose only - in a glass of liquid
    is not more than one chaynoylozhki;
  • nelzyapit fizzy, sugary drinks.

vseprodukty can not measure spoons.Therefore, we must take into account that the weight of 150-200 grams fit dvabuterbroda, a piece of chicken or meat, fish of medium thickness palm-sized.Mozhnokolichestvo food measuring teaspoon.In this case, you must take 150-200 grams of 15 lozhekpischi.

150-200 grams weighs odnoyabloko, pomegranate, pear, banana or tangerine three.After a week of such pitaniyaudaetsya throw five kilograms of excess weight.And for a month, you can get rid of up to 15 kilograms.

Diet "Match»

dietane It got its name in vain.After it you can find slim silhouette, dazheesli you love tasty and satisfying to eat.This diet can be used months-time.Its duration - one week.But do not get too carried away with diets, because not all diets are very healthy.

Breakfast .It is best to eat breakfast porridge, mozhnolyuboy other than semolina.Good cereal with wheat bran.Complete zavtrakneobhodimo cup of herbal tea with mint, oregano, lime, but without sugar.VTAK breakfast only 200 calories, but it is very satisfying.

Porridge nuzhnoprigotovit correctly.Take the well-sifted wheat bran, vskipyatiteih in milk under the cover for twenty minutes, and then add another ovsyankuili porridge and one tablespoon of vegetable oil.All tschatelnoperemeshayte and cook over low heat for half an hour.Sahardobavlyat a mess impossible.

Lunch .Lunch should consist of soup on a light kurinombulone, apple compote and a glass of sugar.To prepare the broth, omit the chicken bouillon cube to the boiling water and add the narezannyeovoschi: potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets, and the like.Boil vegetables namedlennom fire for twenty - thirty minutes.

Dinner .For dinner suit with a vinaigrette salad ilifruktovy vegetables (carrots, apples, walnuts and honey).Apples and morkovnarezhte strips and mix them with walnuts and honey.If vamnedostatochno salad, you can drink a cup of yogurt or skim yogurt.Peredsnom need to drink a glass of any natural fruit juice, luchshesvezhevyzhatogo.

On takoydiete can throw two to six kilograms per week.But vseindividualno.

«Lean» Diet

odnaiz It is the most popular diets in Europe.It is shared by many women, and even zvezdy.Sut diet is low daily caloric intake.However dietaotnositsya the category of strict, so if there are health problems, Toot it is better to abstain.

Menu dietyochen simple :

Wednesday: throughout the day you need to drink a liter of milk.It is also allowed to drink zelenyychay and non-carbonated mineral water in unlimited quantities.Takoyratsion help adjust the body to diet.

Saturday: Vetot day are allowed to eat 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese, and drink without any restrictions bezsahara juice.Under the ban - a banana and grape juice.

Thursday: etoden very difficult, as only allowed to drink water negazirovannuyumineralnuyu.

Wednesday: Zaden need to eat four boiled potatoes in their skins and have a 800 mlsoka except banana and grape.Water can drink without restriction.

Tuesday: nuzhnovypit at least two liters of water and eat five apples.

Saturday: Eat all day unsalted lean meat (250 grams) and the juice without sahara- 800 ml.

Sunday: allowed to drink only purified mineral water and a liter of yogurt.

Eslistrogo stick to this diet and do not eat any forbidden products, will be able to lose weight in a week for five to seven kilograms.But out of dietydolzhen be smooth - added to the diet of foods in small portions.Posleokonchaniya diet drink a course of multivitamins is recommended.

Diet "Pause»

This diet rasschitanana ten days.Its essence lies in the fact that you need to eat a fractional, small portions.If it is correctly followed, the ten days poluchitsyaskinut about four kilograms.Diet was developed by Finnish nutritionist.Onaneslozhnaya and interesting.

Approximate menu for fractional power :

Day One:

Pervyyzavtrak: white toast, one egg, a cup of tea without sugar;

Vtoroyzavtrak (two hours), one pear and low-fat yogurt with no sugar;

Lunch (chereztri hours): one boiled potato, 150 ml of vegetable soup, a glass of fresh cucumber non-carbonated mineral water;

Snack (cherezpoltora hours): One cookie and a glass of low-fat yogurt;

Pervyyuzhin (two hours): 100 gsalata of carrots and sour cream, 100 g of boiled cod;

Vtoroyuzhin (two hours before sleep): 100 g fat-free yogurt and a cup of chamomile tea.

Day Two:

Pervyyzavtrak: 200 grams of oatmeal, cooked with water and a cup of coffee without sugar;

Vtoroyzavtrak (two hours): 100 g fat-free yogurt, sprinkle with finely narezannoyzelenyu;

Lunch (chereztri hours): 100 grams of cooked brown rice, 150 grams of chicken broth with crackers, 100 g white boiled meat istakan non-carbonated mineral water;

Snack (cherezpoltora hours): Slice of bread with a glass of yogurt;

Pervyyuzhin (two hours): Beef steak and salad 100 g of green onions and radishes solivkovym oil;

Vtoroyuzhin (two hours before sleep): 50 grams of cheese and a cup of chamomile tea.

Day Three:

Pervyyzavtrak: scrambled eggs, crackers, a cup of herbal tea zelenogoili sugar;

Vtoroyzavtrak (two hours): one banana;

Lunch (chereztri hours): 100 g pilaf, 150 ml of soup - mashed potatoes with mushrooms and cream, not gazirovannoymineralnoy glass of water;

Snack (cherezpoltora hours): 100 gtvorozhnogo carrot and cheese;

Pervyyuzhin (two hours): two slices of barbecue, 100 grams of salad from varenoysvekly;

Vtoroyuzhin (two hours before sleep): 30 grams of cereal, filled a glass of drinking yoghurt.

as at this, each of the diets presented a very diverse and interesting.Kazhdayadevushka can choose the one that she liked the most.

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