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Diet for gastritis stomach

Many people still think that if gastritis - disease is frequent, you do not bother with the diet and nutrition.Surely, people with ulcers and gastric cancer might argue.

Products for which there may be gastritis

Along with the accelerated pace of life, gastritis with each year becomes more and more common disease.The bacterium Helicobacter pylori (Helicobacter), which causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, as the doctors say, settles only in a suitable environment for it.So the worse your meals with gastritis, the longer will not stick to a diet, the better I will feel a parasite inside.

Before giving practical advice than you can eat with gastritis, but what you can not, you need to highlight features of the disease into two categories:

  • gastritis with acidity higher than normal
  • gastritis with acidity below normal

In the first case you need to fullyeliminate from your diet foods that activate the production of gastric juice (otherwise, with continued feeding different sausages, pickles - get the plague), in the

second case, on the contrary, the diet must be optimized so that the products, lowering the acidity were excluded.

Diet for gastritis with acidity higher than normal

Do not be original and invent something new, if we have to determine that, as in many diets, the main useful products, and the basis of a healthy diet are vegetables.

beets, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, and fewer green peas, zucchini and pumpkin - this is what is recommended for use.Just do not rush to eat vegetables fresh.They need to start to cook and turn into a puree.

The recommendations that will help to feel good for gastritis .Food, useful for the body , if the acidity of higher than normal

ideal option would be soup of vegetables allowed that best cook on milk as a natural absorbent, which reduces the acidity.Recommend and milk soups with the addition of flour products such as pasta, or add cereal - rice or buckwheat.The bread is allowed, however, consider that it should be made exclusively from white flour.It is desirable that it was yesterday or slightly dried.This totally abstain from eating pickles, spinach, roasted meat and fish (only boiled), citrus fruit, any severe or fatty foods.

Diet for gastritis with acidity below normal

Unlike compliance diet for gastritis with high acidity, there is a significant difference.For example, you need to pay more attention to those products that are quickly digested by the body.

What to eat if you have acidity below normal?

Also, when this form of gastritis, citrus available, can not be afraid to drink juice, brew coffee.Almost all vegetables can be eaten fresh, but is recommended to cook for them, which contributes to the absorption of light.Flour products are allowed, but do not get carried away by them.Small pieces of bread a day is enough.On spicy, fried, smoked must be forgotten and replaced so the dishes put on the table only boiled.Buy a steamer, the same burgers there are obtained simply amazing.

About a month after the aggravation pass, the envy gastritchikam with high acidity, doctors recommend to add to the diet of herring, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes.

In other respects, the rules to comply with the diet for gastritis with high and low acidity, similar.


  • Breakfast cereal is best suited to tea (you can with milk, for those who have increased acidity) or coffee (if reduced acidity).Porridge can be like oatmeal or rice.Species - the sea.You can add fruit, given the peculiarity of the acid balance
  • for lunch is recommended to eat soups.Best of all, based on the broth of vegetables, with the addition of cereals (rice, buckwheat), potatoes, pasta.You can add cooked meatballs.Everything depends only on your imagination, lack of recipes.
  • Dinner is best to choose something from the vegetables.For example, a vegetable stew.On the second, you can file a fruit and drink all the juice or tea.

Experts recommend that people suffering from gastritis, meal break for 5-6, and even more.This is certainly correct, but still difficult to implement.We all work and not always have the opportunity twice breakfast and lunch, while in the workplace.But if you have such an opportunity - do not miss it.Eat right for gastritis, and your body will say thank you!

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