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Pomelo help lose weight

Pomelo - tasty and juicy fruit, covered with thick skin.Poforme it resembles a ball and has a greenish-yellow tint.Sometimes Pomelo is pear-shaped.Homeland of the fruit is China.The history of this plodanachalas very long time, even before our era.After a time there was a broom and Europe.

the CIS countries was the fruit of Israel.Now this produktstal indispensable in cooking.It is very similar to a grapefruit, but much more porazmeru.There are fruits that have reached 8-10 kg.To taste them, too pohozhina grapefruit, but have a richer flavor.

Like other citrus, pomelo has zhiroszhigayuschiesvoystva.Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for women to lose weight.Slegkostyu you can get rid of excess weight, without any special effort.Pomelo pomozhetskinut fat without harm to your health.The ideal figure with a broom - it is real, do not always have the opportunity to use the fitness and gym.A GI diet mogutnavredit.

Pomelo is the perfect weapon against excess fat.In vasest extra inches at the waist?

Then the fruit is just for you.He pomozhetspravitsya with any problems.So you should learn about all its usefulness.

Pomelo - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals

neveroyatnobogaty It is a source of vitamins A, B, C, and substances such as pectin, beta-karotin.Frukt incorporates useful essential oils, antioxidants and prochiepoleznye minerals: magnesium, iron,potassium, calcium, phosphorus and sodium.Poleznyeuglevody pomelo promote good metabolism and digestion.

This low-calorie product.At 100 grams contains about 40kalory.So this fruit - a dietary product.The use of this produktauluchshaet mood, performance, enhances immunity.It helps to cope sdepressivnymi human condition.The most important take the product name winter.At this time the body can be very useful essential vitamins imikroelementy.Fruit Securityfunctions improve the body and helps you cope with viral diseases.

Many nutritionists and doctors recommend include in its ratsionpomelo, if you have blood pressure problems or stomach.Effectively spravlyaetsyas insomnia asthma.It is used for fever and diabetes.

fruit even used for cosmetic purposes.Masks and skrabyna based pomelo moisturize the skin and give it elasticity.Effectively spravlyaetsyas cellulite.

three-day diet pomelo

you can enjoy during the diet with tasty and sytnymiblyudami.Therefore, if you turn in your diet pomelo, you ieffektivno quickly lose weight, not bothering.The composition of fruit includes an enzyme that quickly saturates the body and you do not feel hungry dlitelnoevremya.

  • first day.Breakfast starts with a green or herbal chayabez sugar and need to eat half a pomelo.In the afternoon we are waiting for the fresh salats boiled chicken.Instead of chicken can dine on fish.This is vasheusmotrenie.Replace all that you can baked vegetables.Drink tea ipomelo.At lunch we yogurt with fruit salad (pomelo, kiwi, grapefruit).Uzhinaemdieticheskoy cauliflower with half pomelo.Drink herbal tea.
  • second day.In the morning we drink tea without sugar with a little kusochkomsyra and one pomelo.For lunch we boiled fish with vegetables and tea.In poldnikmozhete eat 1/2 pomelo and boiled egg.Dinner egg and an apple.For dessert Unas pomelo and tea with honey.
  • third day.Morning meal begins with green tea ipomelo.Lunch cooked chicken and drink tea.For dessert, eat pomelo.Poldniknachinaem with yogurt and fruit.For dinner we eat pomelo and cauliflower.Before snommozhete drink kefir.

Due to the three-day diet you can svoyorganizm clean of toxins and improve digestion, metabolism, vosstanoviterabotu intestine.In addition to the daily diet you can every morning before zavtrakomkushat 1/2 broom, and after a couple of months to see results.

dietary salad with pomelo

This is the most popular salad with pomelo diet.Gotovteih and lose weight with pleasure.

«Exquisite pleasure»


  • Pomelo
  • Lettuce
  • Olive oil

Pomelo salad leaves and my, clean and cut nebolshimikusochkami.All mix and add the olive oils.Can a little salt.Salatikgotov.

«Women's Tricks»


  • Parmesan Chicken
  • Cashews
  • Lettuce
  • Pomelo

To begin, boil the fillet and cut it into strips.Clean pomeloi dismantle it on neatly into slices.Lettuce leaves should be cut, and syrnateret, add nuts.All the ingredients are mixed and dressed olivkovymmaslom.

We do not recommend to use this fruit if you estallergiya to citrus and peptic ulcer disease.

Pomelo copes with excess fat.Therefore it is necessary to include fruits in your diet, and very Skorova achieve great results.

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