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Proper nutrition in pancreatitis.

What could provoke pancreatitis?

As with many diseases, pancreatitis can occur due to poor lifestyle choices.This applies mainly to food culture.They affect people who consume excessive fatty foods and alcohol.As a result - acute or chronic pancreatitis, which gradually damages the body.This disease is best prevented, to prevent its occurrence.But if the trouble occurred, the process would have to take a comprehensive treatment and will be the basis for a diet for pancreatitis.

From what appears pancreatitis?

Proper nutrition in pancreatitis

Since the occurrence of the disease provokes unhealthy eating habits have radically change their eating habits.There are a few tips that are given by experts:

  • cooking preferably steamed
  • Fractional power.Eat at least 5-6 times a day in small portions
  • give up too hot or cold dishes.Food should be warm.
  • Acquire blender and eat food frayed.
  • Cereals necessarily boil water and grind into mush.

Also, you have to give up many of the "joys" that already ruin your life.In this list all g

reasy, fried food, a variety of pickles, acidic juices.Avoid canned, smoked sausage and a variety.You also need to forget about the sweet, namely chocolate confectionery.Also at your desk should not appear alcohol and food is forbidden to add spicy seasonings.

How to eat with pancreatitis to get rid of the disease?

What could have pancreatitis?

Do not worry, the list of approved products is huge and hungry you probably will not.Your refrigerator should settle: dairy products, lean meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, dried bread, cereals, savory fruit, olive and sunflower oil.This is the basis from which you will cook your food, because if you have pancreatitis, a diet is required.

Diet for pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, exemplary menu

In order for you to understand that diet for pancreatitis, it's not terrible, we give you a rough menu for two days.Further, based on it, you can combine the allowed foods and feel healthy.

Sample menu for pancreatitis, products that can and can not eat

Day One

  • For breakfast, eat two crackers with mashed potatoes (100 g).This drink can be non-carbonated mineral water (200 g).
  • In this diet, you will have lunch.It consists of an omelette (2 eggs), which should be steamed, and also a couple of cutlets (150 g).All this can be supplemented with slices of white bread, and 200 grams of milk.
  • For lunch, eat a little chicken soup, boiled fish (100 g), boiled zucchini (100g), a slice of bread, a handful of raisins and a glass of tomato juice.
  • At lunch you can eat jelly (200 g), fruit jelly (150 g) and a glass of mineral water without gas.
  • Dinner cook oatmeal (150 g), steamed cutlets (100 g) and carrot puree (100 g).You can also eat one slice of bread and a cup of tea with milk.

second day

  • Start your day of oatmeal (100 g) beef and steamed or boiled (100 g).All this is a slice of bread, a snack and drink water without gas.
  • Lunch will be sweet.Prepare cheesecake (100 g) and apple puree (100 g).You can also eat a piece of bread and drink tea without sugar.
  • Lunch perfect vegetable soup.On the second fish patties steamed (100 g), pumpkin porridge (100 grams) and cottage cheese (100 g).Tea with milk and a slice of bread.
  • At lunch cook meatballs (100 g), carrot and apple puree (100 g) and yogurt (100 g).Dinner
  • do well diversified.Perfect meatloaf (150 g), mashed potatoes (150 g), pudding cottage cheese (100 g).You can drink fruit jelly (100g) and a glass of tea without sugar.

composing the menu for the next few days, remember that each meal should be varied.During the day you have to get the required amount of nutrients, but make sure that they had not been lavished.Diet for pancreatitis is very simple and accessible, you will not spend a lot of money, on the contrary, with the right approach even save.

Proper diet for pancreatitis, which should be eating?

Few reviews


Junk food has led me to a sharp pain in the stomach.It was enough the first week of the correct, balanced diet to feel much better.


Pancreatitis - this is creepy.I tried on the skin and do not want to.Eating right is very simple.The first days of hard habit, but just a few days can feel a serious relief and saturation.

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