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Openwork crochet skirt for girls

  • Yarn: Cotton, Lily, 2 skeins of 75 gr., The length of the thread in the skein of 450 m
  • Crochet hook: №4
  • 1 white lightning, the length of 10-12 cm
  • Fatin or organza for the bottomskirt
  • Threads in tone and needle stitching
  • Satin or monofilament ribbon belt - 2 meters

Note: that the thinner the thread is, the smaller will be the pattern.For the manufacture of the skirt are used cotton threads, so we put it in two additions.

skirt, crochet - step by step guide

Flirty skirts

  1. Recruit a chain of air loops equal to the volume of the thighs (plus 2 cm to freedom of encirclement).
  2. Knit the first row of columns without nakida, then three rows of columns one nakida.

  3. continue knitting scheme, repeating the report as necessary.The height of the pattern is equal to the size of the yoke skirt (from waist to mid-thigh).

Tip: If the calculations were made mistakes, and the resulting skirt size smaller than necessary, at this stage, you can fix the mistake.It is only necessary to bind

one more item in the width equal to the missing pieces, matching the figure with a related part.The second phase of work will combine the two parts that need to be stitched together into a single sheet.

main part

  1. Knit for the scheme.It listed all the rows you want to link to the skirt for girl 5-6 years (height 120 cm).

  2. If the skirt fit for a child below or above growth, the need to adjust the number of different pattern repeats in height.

Assembling finished product

  1. finished fabric must be neat to steam, leveling openwork pattern, sew, leaving the top spot for the lightning.Lightning can sew by hand or on a typewriter.

  2. petticoat gathering of several layers of tulle or organza, which are then carefully hand-stitched to the skirt, crocheted.

  3. At the top of the skirt weed out or nylon satin ribbon so that you can tie a bow back.Do not forget to treat the edges of the tape, hem them in small stitches, so they are not disbanded.If kapron tape not, you can tie the delicate belt of matching color of thread.

Our openwork crochet skirt is ready!

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