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How to tie booties spoke?

There are many different diagrams and descriptions of the art of knitting pinetok.We offer you a technique that under force even to those who have never held in the hands of spokes.

How to tie booties spoke?

booties Let us apart.It consists of a sole side portion of the cuff and toe.We'll show you how to knit each of these parts, but in the end you'll have a one-piece product.

Step by step knitting needles pinetok child.

sole Knit booties

Before you start work you need to take your measurements.For this measure the length and width of the child's foot.As a result, having a width dimension of the foot, you get the desired number of loops and the length indicates the number of rows.

It is best to link the sample and count the number of loops in one centimeter, given the density of the binding you need.

Knit sole using a simple technique of "gum".To do this you need to turn provyazyvat two front and two backstitches loop.So do until the end, until you finish the sole.

pass to the side of the

To associate the side of you must decide on its

size.According to him, knit your desired number of rows.It is possible to knit purl loops of one row and second faces, or two rows of those two other series.

How to connect the side of the children

Knit toe

After the first two stages in your hands is a kind of boat.Now you need to close it with one hand.To do this, you need to associate a rectangle with the side which will be closed.The ends of the rectangle attach to the sole

Knit booties in part: a guide how to connect the toe.


If you want to make a bulk booties, knit cuffs.To do this, you need to knit the remaining amount of elastic loops, only in this case, use the technique of 1x1, that means that you will have a front and a loop Wrong.Knit until until you get the desired height.

Guide to help tie cuffs infant booties.

Close Close booties

booties very simple.To do this, you need to knit the two loops into one.Then come back loop that you get on the left needle.

How to decorate booties?

There are several ways to make booties for your baby's beautiful.You can decorate it with a variety of crafts thread: flowers, bugs.But for beginners, these decorations may seem complicated, so we'll show you how to make the cords to fix the shoes on the legs.

you crochet them, if you know how, or simply use brute thread.Insert it into a needle and thread through the whole booties small stitches.

A few ways to decorate booties: ribbons, cords.

That's it, the first footwear for your baby is ready.

How to tie booties - Video